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Origin of firebending mural Zuko, something happened to Avatar: Advent of Earth in the last hundred years.

This fanon has been discontinued, but is still available to read for your enjoyment.

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Avatar: Advent of Earth
"Just remember... a human is a human, no matter where it comes from. Keep that close to your heart, and maybe you will save us all." —Doctor Huang
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PG - PG-13


The Faceless One


30 chapters planned, 2 prologues planned. 1 special planned. 6 chapters released, 1 prologue released, 1 special released.


United States/English

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July 7th, 2012-Present


3,000-6,000 words


The Faceless One


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The Legend of Korra (Alternate timeline beyond Book 1)

Advent of Earth is a fanon series written by The Faceless One. It tells the story of Chen Ruan, a young nonbender who must embark on an epic journey to save the world he loves from another one just like it.

Plot Overview

It's 220 AG, thirty years after Korra's death, and the legacy of the Avatar is all but forgotten. Killed in her sleep by a force that to this day remains a mystery, Korra was not reincarnated. Naturally, her spiritual disappearance was followed by a short era of mass hysteria, but... as the four nations remained undisturbed by conflict in her absence, her memory slowly faded from the earth. Three decades passed, and still, this peace remained.

The same cannot be said for our world, which seems to be stuck in an era of conflict, and struggle.

However, one fateful day, a wormhole inexplicably opens, leading from our solar system to a destination unknown. Unbeknownst to our technologically advanced civilization, on the other side lies the Avatar Earth, where a historic event is taking place. The United Republic of Nations, commonly abbreviated to "the URN", has won a worldwide space race, and is leading its sister nations into the final frontier by sending a rocket filled with intrepid individuals to its only moon. However, this groundbreaking expedition takes an unexpected turn when another wormhole suddenly opens out of nowhere, and sucks the rocket in! Thus, it and its crew soon come flying out the other end, in the skies of Our Earth!

Faced with the scientific discovery of the millennia, the Humans of Our Earth form a great alliance composed of NASA, CNSA, and a few other space administrations, with the goal of designing a manned mission through the wormhole.

Prologue - Start Reading


The majority of this fanon will take place on the Avatar Earth, a bit in Republic City, and a bit... elsewhere. However, Our Earth will be visited from time to time. The year is 2072 on Our Earth, which translates into 220 AG on the Avatar Earth, fifty years after the events of The Legend of Korra.


8/5/2013 - Branches Progress

  • Work has begun on Chapter 7 of AoE! Chen, Min and Ying journey to the Spirit World, while Riko and Tara watch the invasion of Republic City unfold! It's gonna be quite a whopper.

7/26/2013 - New Headings

  • Work has begun on a new heading system to be implemented on all AoE chapters, so as to increase efficiency and navigation convenience!

7/25/2013 - Realization Progress

  • Both chapters of the 2-parter have been Released! Check the first part out here!
  • 7/24/2013 - "It that Bleeds" is almost complete!
  • 7/21/2013 - Work on "It that Bleeds" has begun!
  • 7/17/2013 - The first draft of "Close Encounters" has been completed! Expect the two-parter very soon!
  • 7/15/2013 - Work is picking up! I might post a preview of "Close Encounters" fairly soon!
  • 7/11/2013 - Work on the two-parter is slow, as I have numerous other literary projects I'm giving my time to. However, it will be posted in the near future.
  • 7/1/2013 - Work on the first epic two-parter of the AoE series has officially begun!

3/17/2013 - New Updates Box!

  • Thought I'd add an updates box, just to keep y'all posted Anyway, school work's made things real tough for me, but I'm still working on the upcoming two-parter "Realization" which consists of the chapters "Close Encounters" and "It that Bleeds". Prepare for something truly amazing, let me tell you.


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Planet Earth

Visit this page to begin reading Avatar: Advent of Earth! All of the chapters in this series can be found here, including both prologues. In book 1 alone, a young nonbender named Chen is given the task of separating our world and his when the two planets come a little too close for comfort, while a deadly spirit locked in his palace of roots begins putting a plan in motion that could jeopardize the entire universe.


Citizens see Amon waterbending

Visit this page to find info on AoE's wide cast of characters. This page contains brief summaries of each person's personality and goals. No major spoilers are included.

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