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Chapter 1: Arrival

When Luka arrived at the academy and getting a warm welcome from some students heading to their dorms, she went straight to the administration office for her schedule and her dorm room.

"Hello, I'm Luka. I'm new so I just came for my schedule and my dorm number."

"Oh, Luka! I've been expecting you!" exclaimed the assistant. She looked like she had dyed her hair platinum blonde and done her makeup just for this special event of the beginning of the school year. Having the Avatar attend this school must be an honor for them. "Here is your schedule and your dorm is 2.5. Here is your room key and girls' dorms are to the right. Come back here because I have someone that can take you on a tour of the school, and he has the schedule that is very close to yours so you'll probably be stuck with him. He's one of the greatest students so don't worry!"

"Okay! I'll be back then!"

"Oh, and one more thing Luka."


"You have a roommate. Her name is Luna and a waterbender. You don't mind having a roommate, right?"

"Of course I don't mind! I'll be back once I settle in!" Daddy was right! I will make friends on the first day!

One thing Luka loved about the dorms was that the dorm looked so high class, like the home she lived in. As she entered her room, she saw Luna reading the book that was about a heroine, while riding a dragon, burned down the whole country and jumped into a volcano. She assumed she was a reader because it was more than a thousand year old saga. Then the assumption made her realize something. Luna was the Luna, as in teen writing prodigy and currently a combat trainee! She got to room with one of the greatest teen writers in Republic City! Then all of a sudden, "Hey, new roomy!!! Wait. You're the AVATAR! It's sooo AWESOME TO MEET YOU!!!" Luna exclaimed. This had to be the first time Luka has seen someone (especially someone famous) get this excited over something so little.

"Oh I try not to catch so much attention," Luka said flatteringly.

"How can you not!"

"I was about to say the same thing! I've read everything you've written!"

"Well, I'm flattered. We should talk more, but you have a tour to go on."

"How did you know?"

"Your tour guide wouldn't shut up about how he's meeting Avatar. I was actually surprised he talked that much! He's usually really quiet, it's creepy when he talks a lot. He probably has a crush on you!" That made Luka blush because she never had someone have a crush on her. That's when her mind started to wonder about what he's like. But she doesn't want to focus on a relationship right now or was relationships taken seriously here. Why is this school sooo confusing?

Once she got back to the office and waited in one of the seats. The same assistant came back and greeted her. "Oh, your back! So this is your tour guide, Young Sol." As she turned her attention to the boy, she picked up every characteristic about him. He had short, raven-black hair, burning hazel eyes, a sweet smile, a brown leather jacket that matched his eyes, a red tie representing he was a firebender, the black fingerless gloves, and that he was tall.

"Hey, Avatar Luka," Young Sol said nervously with flustered cheeks.

"You can just call me Luka."

"'K! Umm... Let's go on that tour!"

"Let's go!"

Luka found the school really big and wondered how people got to class in less than five minutes. She also noticed how many times Young Sol tried to flirt with her. She'd sometimes flirt back just because she was curious what his reaction would be. She found it really funny that all day he walked around with red flushed cheeks. Overall, Luka thought he was a nice guy. They had almost every class together except he went to band while Luka went to healing class. "Hey I can walk you back to your dorm, if you want me to..."

"Is that allowed?" Luka asked.

"Just as long I don't step inside the room."

"Oh, okay!"

Luka had a way of reading people when she first meets them. And knowing Luna, she might start going on how Young Sol is already walking Luka back to their room on the first day. Luna's the type of person that would tease her for bringing a guy back or wear a funny looking outfit.

"Whoa! Young Sol! Already walking her back?" exclaimed Luna. I knew it! Luna, please shut up! Why would you do this to your own roommate?!

"She wanted me to."

"Luka! I thought you didn't want to be in a relationship now?"

"Where did you get that idea Luna?!" asked Luka as she stormed into the room.

"I read people like books."

"Yeah, me too." Then they both started laughing when they saw Young Sol at the door with flushed cheeks and a dumbfounded look on his face.

"Umm... I gotta leave... Gotta meet Baku and Zen in the gym for basketball practice."

"Wait! I thought the season doesn't start until November?" asked Luna.

"It's called practicing for the season. Don't worry, you can give Luka your 'new Team Avatar' orientation. We'll still be there if you want to talk with Zen." Wait! Zen? You mean Zen as in 'Fire Nation History partner' Zen? Oh, this has got to be good since Cabbage Corp ran out of cabbages to run on.

"How did you know?"

"You make it too obvious that you like him." And he walked out of the girls' dorm.

"Sooo Zen! He's in my Fire Nation history class...." Luka said.

Luna just had the panicky look on her face. If you think about it, she looks hilarious right now!

"Don't worry. You don't make it too obvious. You just seem like you really care about him."

"I do care about him! Can we not talk about him 'cuz I really need to calm down. Anyway you remember in healing class when our teacher made that comment about you forming Team Avatar?" Oh, that! I thought she was trying to kiss up to the Avatar! Usually it's the other way around, right?

"Yeah, Team Avatar is practically an Avatar Tradition since Aang."

"What if I said we already have Team Avatar formed?" Already formed! Were they really expecting me to enroll here?!

"I'd be happy! But I'd like to know who's on the Team."

We were walking to the dance room and I saw Jara, my airbending tutor, practicing a ballet routine while Haru, President of the Book Club, was on the floor reading a book with her shoes off.

"Hey! It's my distant relative! Sorta...."

"Wait! Distant relative? Oh, right. Almost forgot." I'm the Avatar and every Airbender these days are a descendant of Tenzin. "Soooo, anyway, we're the new Team Avatar?"

"Don't forget Young Sol, Baku, and Zen. We have to meet them in the gym..... Luna, I think we're gonna end up convincing them to join..." said Haru.

"They're gonna end up joining no matter what!" Luna said cheerfully.

"So are you going to join any activities Luka?" asked Jara.


"Well, what do you like to do? How would you describe yourself?" That's a really big question! My parents don't even know this kind of stuff! That's sad, really sad....

"Umm... I'm a cheerful person! I like volleyball, basketball, writing and music!"

"You should join girls' basketball! But when the season comes," said Haru.

"You should join volleyball and cheerleading with me! Practice is on Tuesday and tryouts are next Friday," Jara recommended.

"As a prodigy, I can tutor you in writing and I know someone that can teach you some stuff about music," said Luna.

"By someone, you mean Zen," Luka stated.

"Hey, at least I don't flirt with a guy I hardly know!"

"YOU FLIRTED WITH YOUNG SOL!" Haru and Jara yelled in unison. Spirits help me! Please.... I beg you.....

"Wow! Did he announce that he's meeting me to the whole school?"

Then the incomplete Team Avatar was stuck on that conversation until they reached the gym where Young Sol, Baku, and Zen were shooting hoops and Luka also spotted three girls giggling and staring at the boys.

"Who are they?" asked Luka gesturing to the girls.

"Oh," Luna said gloomily," that's Nami Hiro, Star, and Glimmer, the popular, rich queen bees of the school. Nami's a waterbender, Star's an earthbender, and Glimmer's a non-bender. I don't like them." Really cliche... Just like the dramas....

"All of us don't like them," corrected Baku.

"I don't like them already," stated Luka.

"Good, you're starting to fit in already!" Baku said cheerfully.

"Any other people I need to be careful with?"

"There's Ji Jang, but you probably don't need to worry. You got Young Sol!"

"Wait! Who's Ji Jan-"

"Yeah! You have me!" Young Sol yelled from behind Luka as he put his arm around her and Luka went stiff. All the other guys were with them too.

Then all of a sudden, the click of heels was heading their way. Then sooner than they knew it, the Queen Bees were sending glares, but not as bad as the one Luna was sending back. I'm scared.... Even though I'm the Avatar.... Something doesn't feel right about this Nami Hiro....

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