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A Whole New Start
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July 19, 2012

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Fanon: Avatar The Legend of Aidan (Chapter Three: Work and Confusion)

Chapter 2 : Happiness

Two Years Later

As Aidan slowly awoke from his nap, the light from the window of his room partially blinded Aidan with its overwhelming brightness. He slightly goaned and rolled over on his bed to shield himself from the light. Then he smiled abruptly. Normally, events like these would put Aiden in a grumpy mood, but nothing today would ruin this day.

Today was the day Aidan would finally turn 16.

He couldn't believe he was turning 16 already. It seemed as if only yesterday he was a young boy watching the men do the boat crafting and making swords for the soldiers of the tribe. Now he had the responsibility to work and be a man, and no longer just be a waterbending pupil of Master Uniki. There was also one more important thing that came along with turning 16, Aidan was at the marrying age. He immediately thought of Laura which made him blush profusely. Ever since that fateful collision over 2 years ago, Aiden and Laura had become close friends. Even Dominik came to warm up to her hanging out with them, and the threesome often spent as much time as possible together. Though as the years went on the harder it became for the three to be together; Dominik, being 17, already was a man and had to work long, hard hours helping build boats for the military. When Dominik turned 16, he was released from his duty as a fisherman to helping boys his age craft swords, but he was eventually moved up to boat crafting due to his superior craftmanship, that required him almost to work everyday from sunrise to sundown except for Sunday. Laura, only 15, even had duties her self, being the tribal princess and was forced to attend mettings with her father, the Chief Saik, and many elders of the tribe daily which left her limited time to spend actually being a teenager, but could manage a couple hours a day to herself, which was normally spent with Aiden and Dominik when possible. Aiden on the other hand, had to much time on his hands. Since his father only permitted him to practice waterbending and not get allow him to work around the tribe, Aiden found himself very lonesome and board most days. Though when the three would hang with one another, they would spend hours exploring the Water Tribe and all it's various "hot spots." Aiden found himself increasingly more and more in trouble with both Master Uniki and his father for being late to practice and dinner.

Though today, his training was now completed and Aiden was a master waterbender after 8, long, grueling years of intense waterbending practice. Today the Tribe would gather at the Chief's palace where Master Uniki would announce Aiden a master waterbender to the whole community. Afterwards they would hold a special feast and celebration as with all new master waterbenders have on their 16th birthdays. Though before the celebration occurred, Aiden would have an entire day with Laura. Due to the preparations for the ceremony and feast, Laura had the day off from her duties and could spend the day with Aiden. Dominik even would have some time off later after finishing some of the work from the day before. Aiden couldn't be more excited.

"A day with my best friend, and the girl of my dreams. I think this will be just about the absolute best day ever!" Aiden said with a goofy grin plastered across his face.

Aidan threw himself out of bed and quickly got dressed and was about to head out the door till he was abruptly stopped with a hand on his shoulder. He turned around to see the face of his 14 year old brother Roek smiling brightly towards him.

"Hey Big Bro! You were just going to leave without me being able to give you your birthday punches??" Roek said semi seriously.

Aiden couldn't help but laugh. His brother was definitely the comic relief in his family. Roek was always laughing and smiling while as Aiden was more serious.

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