Life in the Northern Water Tribe
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July 19, 2012

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Chapter 2: A Whole New Start

Chapter One: Life in the Northern Water Tribe

Aidan took in a deep breath of the cold and icy Northern Water Tribe air. He was taking a short break from his waterbending practice with his teacher, Master Uniki. He fell to the fresh snow and closed his eyes, if only he could get in a short nap... All was silent and peaceful till a giant snowball slammed straight into his gut.

"Haha..! Got you again Mr. Sleepyhead! What are you doing sleeping again? It's really late and shouldn't you be training or something?" As Aidan looked up, he saw the face of none other than Dominik, his best friend of 8 years.

"Whatever! Just because you got a cheap shot at me, doesn't make you great! Plus shouldn't you be working Mr. Hotshot?" Aidan teased as he returned the favor by throwing an even larger snowball at Dominik's arm. "And I'm not even being lazy, I'm taking a break! Can a guy not sleep around here without getting criticized!"

Dominik was about to reply till they both heard Aidan's waterbending Master Uniki ring the bell which signaled break time was over.

"Listen Dominik, I need to go but meet you by the pond near the Healing Huts before sundown okay?"

"See you Aidan!" Dominik yelled out before running back to his job as a fisherman for the Northern Water Tribe Chief.

Aidan sighed as he trudged back to the training center where he learned waterbending endlessly for hours and hours till his whole body ached. It was a warmer day for the Northern Water Tribe and even Aidan was feeling hot! He smoothed his black hair and took off his large jacket. He wasn't much in a hurry to train as he thought of the practicing the new move Master Uniki was teaching him, the Waterspout.

It seemed like all Aidan ever did was train, and train. Ever since he was a little boy all he did was train in waterbending because of his father's persistence. His father Huruk, a master waterbender, had insisted that both Aidan and his younger brother Roek become great waterbenders someday as well. His mother, Kayli, on the other hand was a non-bender but supported her kids all she could by teaching them traditional waterbending ways through her cooking and stories as a young girl growing up in the Southern Water Tribe. Kayli loved her boys equally but had a closer bond with Aidan than Roek.

They shared many things together, even her pitch black hair and cyan blue eyes. They both loved the Northern Water Tribe and the Water Tribe traditions that have existed for thousands of years. Aidan preferred his mother over Huruk, only because he shared a deeper connection with his mother, while as his father, they didn't exactly see "eye to eye". Aidan wanted to not train all the time and actually have a life and have a job like a "normal teenager", while Huruk wanted his boy to be a great waterbender, and only "with practice, he would be able to have his full potential."

Aidan finally reached the training center and was greeted by Master Uniki.

"Aidan, I know we haven't done that much practice today, but while you were out, I managed to hit my head walking into my hut, and to be honest, I really don't feel like much more practice today. You are relieved of practice today, but tomorrow we meet at exactly sunrise, no excuses!"

Master Uthik slowly turned toward the Healing Huts and Aidan made a dash for his own hut. "Finally! I'm done! I can rest for a couple more hours till I have to meet Dominik!"

As he ran to his hut, he ran past the Water Tribe Palace, and was stopped right in his path as he collided into a teenage girl causing both of them to fall, hard. As they both slowly got up, he began apologizing profusely for his clumsiness until who he saw the girl more clearly. She was Princess Laura, the Chief's daughter, and the girl Aidan had been crushing on since he was 10 years old! Aidan was speechless! How could he be so clumsy!

He began to stammer, "I am umm, sorry, I umm, really, umm..." Although much to Aidan's surprise, Laura actually began to laugh! It was the most beautiful laugh he had ever heard! Almost like the sound of a rushing stream! She shook the snow off of her elegant blue gown that contrasted with her breath taking green eyes.

"Wow! That was quite a fall we had! Are you okay?" she asked worriedly.

"Me, oh no I'm fine! How about you, your highness, umm, princess, umm.."

"Haha.. Don't worry about it, I'm fine! You can just call me Laura!" she said with a gorgeous smile. Her auburn hair was flowing and offsetting her traditional Water Tribe skin, that was so different from her dark green eyes.

"Anyways, I have to go but it was nice to meet you. Maybe we should meet again sometime." she said with a deep blush.

"Absolutely!.. Laura." Aidan said as he felt his face grow hotter and hotter.

She began to slowly walk away until to Aidan's surprise, she looked back and called out, "By the way, I never caught your name!"

"It's Aidan!" he said with a large grin plastered across his face.

"Bye Aidan!" she said with a smile as well and disappeared from out of sight.

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