Origin of firebending mural Zuko, something happened to Avatar:The Last Messenger in the last hundred years.

This fanon has been discontinued, but is still available to read for your enjoyment.

Avatar: The Last Messenger
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Avatar:The Last Messenger is a fanon set on the World of Avatar. Its creator is HilbertGR and the story follows the travels of Kurai and Mizu throughout the world to find the Avatar.


HilbertGR saw many fanons throughout the time and wanted to start one of his own. The first idea was to create a fanon that if following the story of Zuko and his thoughts like the fanon Eyes of Katara.

Secondly he thought the best was to create characters of his own that were on their own adventure that was set on the same time as the original series.

The first chapter was released at the end of August.


  • Kurai is the mysterious, swordsman, frozen in the ice for years protagonist of the series. Kurai seems to be always calm and he has a dark past. Although he is not a bender he can use the four elements when he reveals his 'bad' side, although at such time he can't control himself.
  • Mizu is the cheerful young waterbender that found Kurai in the ice. Although the bad beginning she befriended him quick after. She is egoist and sorehead. She can be quite powerful but if she overpushes herself she can't use her powers for days.
  • Gloomietta is a powerful firebender girl who is set by a person who she calls 'mother' to a couple of missions. She is smart but not very calm. She is quite revengous and a cold murderer.
  • Arietta is the sister of Gloomietta. She is also firebender but not as skilled as her sister. Her sister hunts her for unknown reasons. Although less powerful, she is more calm than her.
  • Liandao is the captain of the ship of Arietta and second of command of its crew. He seems wise, calm and a powerful firebender. He also is friendly and a good leader.
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Book One: Water
The Promise-Fire In The North-The Northeastern Earth Mount-Through Rock and Steel
Book Two: Earth
Book Three: Fire

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