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Right at the end of Sozin Comet

A week after the war,

A man, a Firebender master, was riding his carriage in the dead of the night. "I have to bring the package" he thought. He was heading towards Fire Fountain City. It was a Fire Nation city, his home, and where he had to meet up with his "friends". "They don't seem like nice people, what if they kill me?!" he thought. He shook his head and took a couple deep breaths. "It will be okay; just give them the package, get the money, and go home and I will see my wife and kids." The man thought about his kids, he was wondering how they were doing. He loved his kids. He was planing to teach his favorite game, Pai Sho; he loved Pai Sho because he is a member of the Order of the White Lotus and a seller. He was there in the Liberation Of Ba Sing Sa, he did get burned but it was a light injury. "You know what?" he thought" It is fun to be a seller and a guy who kicks some Fire Nation butt!" He smiled the first time that night.

Then he saw a couple of Fire Nation soldiers dead ahead. He stopped his carriage, and looked at the leader of those Fire Nation soldiers. The leader said, "Passport." He looked a bit nervous, maybe because he kicked a lot of Fire Nation butt.

"Here is my passport. Why do I need to give it to you?" The man asked while handing over his passport.

"People who loved Ozai and Azula made a gang and they want to end the reign of Fire Lord Zuko. We don't want anything to happen to Fire Fountain City" the leader said. "You can go and have fun". The leader handed back the man's passport.

The man continued to go to Fire Fountain City. He yawned for a while, "It is a long night" he thought. He checked the package, a painting. Not any painting, he got it from his friend, Professor Zei. He said he found it from Wan Shi Tong Library. The painting included a star as a tattoo in a hand. "That's it in the painting, its very....... weird." he thought. He got it before he had to go to Ba Sing Se. It turned out that he survived when he was in the Library. He thought it was impossible to survive when a giant owl spirit was trying to kill you. He saw a huge town, "Its Fire Fountain City! he thought.

He entered the city, it was quiet, too quiet. "Something is not right" he thought. He had a feeling something is fishy. The city is quiet because everyone is sleeping, of course. He knew something was up. Up ahead, he saw a group of men and one of them was the buyer.

"You got the package?" the buyer asked.

"Yes" The man replied.

The buyer looked at his men. "Get the package, QUICK!" he barked at them "Before he comes" the man said quietly. They all ran to the package.

"I've done my part, give me the money you owe me" the man said. The buyer looked and laugh. "What's so funny?" the man asked. "I gave you the painting, NOW GIVE ME THE MONEY!!!" The buyer gave a smile to the man. The man preparing to launch fire. "Give me the money or you will not get the painting and you will feel the fire" He looked at the buyer's eyes and the buyer stared right back.

"You are unwise to be an enemy of mine" The buyer launched fire, the man blocked it. The buyer launched fire again, this time even hotter. "Ahh, fire." Fire raged in the man clothes! While the man was distracted, the buyer came close to the Order of the White Lotus member and punched the man at the face.

The man fell back, "Please, have mercy, I have a wife and kids, please don't kill me."

"Sorry, I don't have mercy in my list today" That was the last words the man said.

"Is he dead, Sir?" One of men asked.

"Yes, take him to the truck," the buyer ordered.

The buyer's men took the dead body to the truck. After that, the buyer and his men got on the truck.

"Take us to the Fire Nation Capital, we have to meet somebody" The buyer told his driver. The driver pressed the gas button.

"Okay, Sir, General Ignis"

"General Ignis, congratulations, Sir. You killed an Order of the White Lotus member. AMAZING, SIR!" one of Ignis man said.

"Thank you for your loyalty," Ignis, the buyer said.

"Who is the 'he' you were talking about, Sir?" one of his men asked.

"You will find out in due time, in due time," Ignis said.

Authors note

  • Ignis mean strife in Latin
  • Spoiler Alert: Ignis and his men are not from the group who wants to end Fire Lord Zuko reign.
  • Ignis men are used to protect Ignis and help him with his plans crazy or not

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