Hama's village
The Disgrace
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Faren struck the air with all his might, all his will, concentrating on his fire blast.


All Faren managed was to create was a small cloud of smoke, like always.

Whenever one sets out to learn anything new, be it how to cook a proper meal or correctly scale a rock face, it's safe to say that they start with the basics. In Faren's case, when it came to firebending, one would observe that he truly is just starting with the basics, but he himself knew that it had been 11 years since he had begun his training, with little to no improvement.


Faren glanced up at his teacher, Naroq, a rather tested man whose kindness and guidance faded the first day of practice.

"I know," Faren admitted, starring downward; he had been admitting it since the beginning.

"Then why do you continue this fruitless path in firebending when you clearly have no talent?!" Naroq exclaimed, his patience waning for the third time that day.

"My sister keeps telling me that I have talent and that I just need to try harder," Faren said, "my sister has always encouraged me."

"Your sister is a fool," Naroq said almost spitting in Faren's face, the teacher had heard his share of sap stories before, but this wasn't the time or place for them.

"My sister is Anaa," Faren said, sighing for he knew what would come next.

Naroq was startled by this revelation, almost stumbling back; he searched his mind to answer the obvious question that came to mind,

"How can the sibling of a Firebending Legend be such a... Disgrace?!"

Naroq dismissed his thoughts and focused on the topic at hand.

"Let's try it again... from the top!"

Faren sighed and resumed his fighting stance.

Elsewhere an old man sat sipping tea, well aware of the prying eyes of the mayor who sat across from him

Finally the Mayor spoke.

"While it is a great honor to have someone of your stature visit our village," he explained "I must ask what purpose you have for coming."

The elderly Fire Sage put down his cup and looked up at the mayor with weary eyes teeming with 89 years of wisdom.

"That will be revealed if and when necessary" Tiir said

"What I currently require is a seat in the upcoming firebending tournament that I understand takes place tomorrow"

"Of-of course sir," said the mayor hesitantly as the old man resumed sipping his tea.

I wonder, thought the sage as he looked out at the sunset If tomorrow my search will finally be over...

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