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Miku, Katara, Toph, Sokka, Aang, Aang's Father, Yue



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The Duel

Aurora is a large animal entity who trails after Aang through the story. Ever since the 100 year timeskip, Aurora has been keeping with Aang, even if not directly. No one is sure if it is an animal with spiritual properties or a spirit entirely.


Aurora has a strong sense to its surroundings, hardly intimidated by many enemies it faces. A brave heart and soul, Aurora will fight to the death for its allies' safety. It has not only a brave heart, but a golden heart. It's considered very heroic and will not hesitate to fight for the lives of its friends. Even in a dangerous situation, Aurora always remains calm and collective.



Aurora is revealed that it had experiences with Aang's mother, Miku. Aurora's original wellbeing is connected to Aang's father, who released Aurora from an imprisonment by the dark spirits. When Aang's dad married Miku, Aurora changed targets and kept an eye on Miku instead, courtesy of Aang's father who'd given it the order to keep the family line safe. When it was found out that Miku was pregnant with Aang, it gave her unborn child a blessing and it stayed away from Miku, as it had a new person to keep safe: Aang.

During Aang's time in the iceberg, Aurora kept itself busy and travelled around for a while. During this, it found Yue in the Northern Water Tribe when she was stillborn. Saddened by seeing the emotional breakdown of her parents, it managed to save her life by giving her its blessing. This act made it legendary among the Northern Water Tribe and statues were made in its honor.

Book 1: Water

It first appeared in the South Pole, around the time Aang and Sokka were in their fight. Before Sokka could finish Aang off, it charged in and rammed Sokka away, demanding to leave Aang alone. It demonstrated its waterbending by slicing Sokka's spear in half. It revealed to him and the whole village that Aang indeed was the Avatar and it was ashamed and disappointed in Sokka for even thinking of fighting a friend. Before it left, Aang asked it how it knew all of this. All it simply said was Aang would find out in due time and disappeared as it ran away.

It reappears much later when Aang ended up in Omashu and was being chased down by Fire Nation soldiers. It told Aang about his protection to him just before they were found again. Due to the stressful situation, it disappeared again after they ran off from the "Pentapox" infected gang. It showed up later on after Aang was infected, unsure of what was exactly going on. It was interested in the plan, but reminded Aang that the Fire Nation wasn't going to give up on him so easily. It managed to agree with Aang later about his fake death idea and went to check on the others as a favour to Aang. It waited by the main gate as the plague took place, just in case something went wrong. As Mai was going out, it saw her true intentions and quickly stopped her, biting her neck. During this, it demanded her not to say anything, which changed her mind immediately. Aurora then explained itself to the others before going off to help Aang out of his binds.

When Team Avatar left, Aurora stayed to help in the recovery and when that was done, began to track them down. Thanks to its water running ability, it kept very good pace with Aang's sky bison and ended up in the North Pole later that night. It explained some things in order to catch the others up, including that it was going to stay around this time so it could watch Aang's development in terms of waterbending.

The next day, it, Aang, and Katara went off to see Master Pakku so Aang and Katara could begin training. Aurora though wasn't very impressed with the statues outside, pointing out some of the flaws in it. Aurora remained outside as Aang and Katara both went in to talk to Pakku, only to find them storming out. It gave them the suggestion to wait until later, thinking Master Pakku would be in a better mood by then. While Aang agreed to it, Aurora didn't notice that it didn't help Katara. Later on, it went with Aang and tried to stopped her, but didn't get the chance. It became surprised, finding out about the upcoming duel. It stayed aside as the battle took place. When Katara was knocked out, it ran out and confronted Pakku, really mad at him. The anger went away when it saw Katara back on her feet and it tried to help her.

After that was over and done, Aurora stayed around to watch Katara and Aang's progress. Aurora indeed was impressed with their fast progress, saying it never saw anyone advance as well as they did. With that, it left Pakku's training area later on with Aang and Katara. They were back at their Water Tribe home when Sokka and Yue returned, Sokka explaining to Aurora and the others what was going on. Worried, it and Team Avatar went to the palace to discuss what to do. During this, it joined in and fully supported Katara's suggestion, saying there was a way for Aang to go to the Spirit World by meditation.

When guided to the Spirit Oasis, Aurora helped Aang out when the noise didn't allow him to concentrate on entering the Spirit World. After Aang did cross over, Aurora explained the situation and that he would be fine, so long as no one moved him anyway. As the battle grew more intense, Aurora decided to go with Sokka to fight off the Fire Nation. During this, it ended up confronting Raiu, who electrocuted Aurora. All Aurora could do then was hope Aang returned soon. When the battle ended, Aurora was seriously injured and had to stay in the Northern Water Tribe to recover.



Aurora has an uncanny ability to purify any dirty or polluted water, no matter how bad it is. One touch from Aurora's paws can turn even the murkiest of water into a crystal clear oasis, completely purified as if not ever touched by any pollution to begin with.


Aurora running on water

Aurora on water.

Aurora is able to use various amounts of mastered waterbending, some of which no bender can understand. This same bending style allows it to not only allow it to run on water, but it can even turn into water entirely!

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