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Aunt Wu welcomes Team Avatar
Aunt Wu
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Makapu Village

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Aang, Katara, Meng, Vulkan, Calm Man Makapu Village

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First appearance

"(A:TR) Ep.8: Fortune Teller"

Last appearance

"(A:TR) Ep.9: The Volcano"

Aunt Wu is an elderly fortuneteller of Makapu Village. She is the most respected of the village thanks to her expertise in fortunetelling.


Aunt Wu is a rather friendly, calm woman. She tries her best to please, but does feel distraught if something doesn't go as she predicted. Not much is known aside from this.


Aunt Wu was described in detail by a calm man when he came across Team Avatar. Her official appearance though came when she showed up in the centre of town to read the clouds. During this, she said that farming would be plentiful, it'd be a good year for twins, and Mt. Makapu would not destroy the village that year. After that was done, Aang and Katara came in to see her, asking her for a prediction. She said she would be glad to, but she needed to set things up first. After that, she began with Katara's prediction. Hers for Katara was a prediction that "one of the dark will join the light", which intrigued Katara deeply. She did Aang next and predicted his encounter and friendship with Ty Lee. Aunt Wu didn't bother much until that night when Vulkan visited the village. She claimed that she was never wrong, only to find Vulkan not believing her. However, she found she was wrong with everything when the volcano actually did erupt and destroyed the village. She blamed herself deeply for making the wrong decision, but Vulkan made sure that it was not her fault.



Aunt Wu is very experienced in fortunetelling, having 1,950 fortunes correct to her name, though she was only wrong twice (one with Meng and one with the volcano).

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