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Warning! This page contains spoilers for Avatar: The Legacy of Rong Yan.

Kya (waterbender)
Biographical information

Northern Water Tribe


41 (When she met Sakana and Aipaloovik), 75 (Book Two)

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Hair color

Dark Brown; Dark Gray

Skin color

Light Brown

Eye color


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Weapon of choice

Waterbending, Bloodbending

Fighting style(s)

Waterbending, Bloodbending


Northern Water Tribe, Sakana

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Northern Water Tribe

First appearance

Book 2: Water Chapter 12: The Bloodbender

Last appearance

Book 2: Water Chapter ??:

Aumanil is a minor character in the fanon Avatar: The Legacy of Rong Yan. Aumanil, was Sakana's adoptive mother, who took him when Sakana had snapped and killed his father.


Not much is known of Aumanil, though when she had learned bloodbending she only used her bending abilities for good. Breaking the stereotypes of all bloodbenders being evil.

Aumanil was first encountered when Aipaloovik and Sakana had traveled to the Earth Kingdom's Yantai River. There at the river hidden somewhere within the tall trees surrounding a small isle was a shrine of Atshen.

Atshen is the cannibalistic spirit that represents bloodbending. Not that bloodbenders are cannibals. Atshen is an evil spirit and sometimes claimed to be a neutral spirit as he does things that are good and evil. The spirit that is praised by any bloodbenders who follow the true tradition and rites of bloodbenders.

It is said that Atshen will cleanse the bender of any madness they have attained and slightly increase their bloodbending abilities for an offering of their blood. Aipaloovik had made his offering, and had also forced his son to do the same.

Right after he punished his son by bloodbending him. Aumanil was there as well she had saved Sakana from being bended even more and defended the boy. Sakana had snapped and turned on his father, now that the ritual was done, he broke out of his father's grip, and bloodbended Aipaloovik.

Sakana had continued the grip and purposely killed his father. From then on he had broken down in tears and had told his story to Aumanil. The boy was an orphan now, and she decided to take him under her wing. Adopting Sakana, Aumanil, had taught him to only use his bloodbending for when he was in danger.

Situations that threatened his life, Aumanil had been Sakana's master in healing with the use of bloodbending. Even though he did not know much of the healing remedies his adoptive mother had taught him. He still used these abilities to heal any injuries.

The Witch of the North

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Aumanil was born a waterbender in the Northern Water Tribe, though due to her culture she was trained to use waterbending as an offensive style. She had mastered it in the ways of healing.

Aumanil was known to be one of the best healers the Northern Water Tribe, had to offer. Though eventually, she had money to travel to Ba Sing Se, where she had visited the royal library of the Earth King. She was there on royal business, when the Earth King had fallen deeply ill.


Earth King Ta Po was the ruler during the time when she was 26. She had founded a book on an art called bloodbending. She had read that it could be used in two different ways. Though she had no interest or intentions to use it for fighting, she used it for healing and to enhance her abilities of healing.

She spent months in the city of Ba Sing Se, training in this secret and unique art of waterbending. While she did heal the Earth King he wasn't entirely cured of his heart problems.

Six months had passed when she had finally mastered a few forms of bloodbending. She had bloodbent the Earth King, and cured him of his heart problems. The Earth King was well a day after.

Ta Po had asked the young woman what she had used, when she answered she said, she had bent the blood within his heart and veins to rid of the infections and increasing the rate of his white blood cells being produced.

The Earth King had given the book to Aumanil as a gift and gratitude for ridding of his heart problems. She went back to the Northern Water Tribe, but when the word went out to Chief Cupun about her discovery of bloodbending. He felt uneasy about it, and decided to banish her from the tribe to avoid the Blood War from ever occurring.

She had sheltered herself within a spiritual forest, and where she lived for the rest of her life. Most people had forgotten about Aumanil in the Northern Tribe, when she was older around her 40's she would often travel within the city to buy things.

Cupun still knows of her existence and there had been several reports to the chief that the bloodbender was actually a healer. One of his advisors had went blind, his father had taken him to the spiritual forest where she resides.

Aumanil had cured the man, and he was once again able to see. Many thanks had gotten to her through gifts from the family of the chief's main advisor. Chief Cupun, has accepted her and offered her to come to the tribe.

Though she refused, she was willingly able to cure any tribes-person of their illnesses. Nowadays, she's a famous healer, and the civilians of the Northern Water Tribe had dubbed her the name of "The Witch of the North".


  • Sakana (Adopted Son;Deceased)



  • Aumanil means "kind and beneficient spirit" in Inuit.
  • In the comic version, Aumanil was just called "The Witch of the North" as she really didn't have a name until now.

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