Origin of firebending mural Zuko, something happened to Auk in the last hundred years.

This fanon has been discontinued, but is still available to read for your enjoyment.


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The Prologue (Part 1 out of 3) of the 1st Full "Chapter"

By: Indira Sharam Poama (author's wiki account here)

Status: Final Copy

Official Release Date: Novembe'r 21, 2010 7:21 AM Central Time.

Final Copy Completed: November 21, 2010 4:13 PM Cenral Time.

Plot: Follow the survivors of the Air Nomad Genocide, as they try to continue their way of life under the most harshest conditions imaginable.

Confirmed Original Characters: Acacia, Audrick, Dom, Amoura, Xai, Isak, Zyra

Confirmed Charcters Adapted from ATLA: Aang, Monk Gyatso, Sozin, Monk Tashi, Pasang

Suggested Age Group: 14+

Auk- The Prologue

Darkness drowned the night in fear as the moon hid behind the clouds and the stars were blown out like candles...

The world started to lose its color, its expression, its day to day wonder, as if I had gone color blind the world faded to black and white. Divided between my inner feelings I stumbled out onto the ocean's shoreline and held Acacia close. There is no safe place. It can get you anywhere you try and run. It will find you anywhere you attempt to hide. We start to venture into the ocean. The waves pounding at our feet, and the smell of saltwater penetrates our sense of smell. I hold her hand tightly and I can see tears dampen her bangs.

"Our last hope..." I say.

"Our last... hope..." She says. No one can hear our calls for help, no one can see us. We don't exist anymore. We were indeed, too late.

Fire draws near. We were taught since we were children that fire exists no matter what they say. Fire exists in the realm of our mind, seducing our consciences, turning us into its zombie. They go for the strong, and leave the weak to collapse within themselves. No one is safe when it draws near.

No one...

I grasp the beads...

I mutter a prayer... "You are too late." She whispers.

We dive straight into the freezing ocean current and battle against the tides to get out to sea. They follow us, slowly and patiently. They like watching us shriek.

Acacia reaches the harbor. I repeat her actions in trying to climb onto it the deck... but it wobbles to and fro, and we are not able to get on it. Acacia screams as she sees him off within touching distance. Their eyes are white; all we can see are different shades of black, and gray.

I force my weight upon the thing, and I'm on, Acacia doesn't have the same luck. I start to pull her on with one arm. The silver moon reappears from behind the clouds and we dart off in hopes of reaching our objective in time... We know they'll follow us. They love games. They know it is impossible for us to win the game that they are the only player within.

You know that feeling when you think for sure you are finally going to die? You don't, you will never know until you see what my eyes have seen. I haven't seen too much. I haven't known too much. That isn't the same case for Acacia.

Her green eyes can see our destiny..

Until now the Fire Nation never existed. It was a creation of man that attached our souls to this world. Now our traditions are all in jeoprady. The way we live is all in flames...

We make a run for it...

(To be continued)

(This was a preview of the Trilogy; Auk.)


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