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Audrick's appearance was inspired by Sam Worthington

Audrick is an airbender in training in the fanon, Born This Way by ExplosionsHurtPeople. He is one of the main characters of the story.


Audrick isn't like the other boys... He'll never be able to master airbending due to his learning disability. Audrick came from a very poor family who gave him to the monastery as a last resort. Other students criticize him as a failure... Yet, Audrick will show them what he is capable of...


Audrick is very mature and polite for his age. He is also very curious, especially about the new student, Acacia. In addition, Audrick is very religious, even more so than mos tof his teachers, but he sometimes prays at the wring times. He loves to sing and is very superstitious and loves to sing.


Audrick is kind of short and muscular. He has light brown eyes and is always seen in his best clothing. He has a light complexion and is not of Asian, but European descent. He always has his blond-brown hair cut very, very short, so short his hair is nothing but stubble. He has a very appealing face compared to the other kids.


Like all Air Nomads, Audrick is able to control air. He is very creative and has a good singing voice in addition to an excellent drawing ability. As a result of his muscular build, Audrick is very good at wrestling.


Audrick is severely dyslexic and is sometimes unable to read or understand what the monk's teach. Despite his excellent wrestling ability and build, Audrick is a pacifist and gets pushed around and doesn't use his strength to fight back.

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