Attack on the Northern Air Temple
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March 9, 2014

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The Northern Air Temple was quiet as usual. Teo and his father were fixing the bathhouse after several pipes had sprang leaks.

"It's a quiet day, isn't it?" Teo said.

"Indeed it is," the mechanist said.

Suddenly, the roof above them exploded.

"What the doodle?" The mechanist said.

The Imperial Fleet had arrived. The Imperial Fleet consisted of Darth Vader's Super Star Destroyer, known as the Executor, two Imperial Star Destroyers, known as the Devastator and the Avenger, four TIE Fighters, four TIE Bombers, four TIE Interceptors, four AT-AT Walkers, and four AT-ST Walkers.

"Get the others! Tell them to get to their gliders! Get all the explosives and bombs you can find!" The mechanist said to Teo.

In a matter of minutes, gliders were everywhere, engaging as many fighters, bombers, and interceptors as they could find.

On board the Executor, Darth Vader was speaking to Captain Ricog and Lieutenant Piett.

"You did not inform me that the inhabitants of the Northern Air Temple had weapons of their own," Vader said to Ricog.

"My Lord, I was not aware-" Vader began to Force choke Ricog.

"You are as clumsy as you are stupid," Vader said.

"My deepest apologizes-" Ricog slumped dead in mid-sentence.

"Apology accepted, Captain Ricog," Vader said.

Vader faced Piett.

"Ready Commander Cable's squadron for the ground assault, and tell him to leave no survivors. You are in command now, Captain Piett." Vader said.

"Thank you My Lord," Captain Piett said.

Admiral Ozzel and Captain Piett were giving out orders when suddenly, a figure broke through the window, and turned to face Darth Vader.

It was Avatar Aang.

"How dare you attack the Northern Air Temple! What have the people there ever done to make you hate them?" Aang yelled.

The Avatar didn't wait for an answer. Aang lashed out with a large fireball, but Vader ignited his lightsaber, swung hard, and Aang's attack was deflected, and went out the broken window. Aang shot ice spikes at the Sith Lord stabbing into Vader's body. Vader pulled them all out without even flinching. Aang blasted air in the shape of his body, and Vader was sent flying out the window. Aang raced toward the balcony of the Executor, and looked down.

Vader was hanging onto the edge of the Executor.

Then, something terrible happened.

Teo was being pursued by a TIE Fighter. The, the fighter opened fire, destroying Teo's glider.

"TEO!" Aang screamed.

The glider plummeted to the ground, and Teo was gone.

Aang suddenly saw Vader leap into the air, and Vader brought his lightsaber down on Aang. Aang panicked, punched Vader's helmet, and Vader began to fall. Aang grabbed his cape, but it slipped out of his hand, and Vader plummeted to the ground.

"NO!" Aang screamed.

Tears stung the Avatar's eyes.

I've taken a life. I killed a man, Aang thought to himself.

Piett, enraged by seeing the Avatar kill Darth Vader, gave an order.

"Tell the other Star Destroyers to open fire on the temple! Executor, open fire on the temple, NOW!"

Aang screamed, but there was nothing he could do. The Star Destroyers opened fire, and in an instant, the Northern Air Temple was gone.

Aang flew back home on his glider to tell his friends what had happened.

Back on board the Executor, Ozzel gave an order of his own.

"We do just as Lord Vader had planned. Prepare the second attack fleet, and set coordinates to the Northern Water Tribe."

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This chapter is dedicated to Originalavatarnerdling.

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