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Warning! This page contains spoilers for The Weatherbenders.

Attack on the Earth Kingdom


Rebellion Against the New Reign (Chronologically in terms of start date)


The Tri-National Showdown


The Second Weatherbending Conflict


14 - 15 September 102 AG


Western Earth Kingdom


Earth Kingdom victory; Mining village captured but later restored to Earth Kingdom


Earth Kingdom

Fire Nation


General Shang

Forces involved

Military of the Fire Nation


Several hundred Earth Kingdom forces

Almost the entire invasion force


First appearance

TWB Chapter 14

Last appearance

TWB Chapter 15


The Attack on the Earth Kingdom was launched by Fire Lord Zorro's Fire Nation against the Earth Kingdom in mid-September, 102 AG. It became one of the struggles of The Tri-National Showdown in The Weatherbenders.


Like the concurrent Siege of the South, plans for Zorro's assault against the Earth Kingdom came with the Capture of the Fire Nation, which itself was preceded by the Meteorologists' defeat of Team Avatar in chapter five. Zorro planned this attack in his desire to restore the world to the days of Ozai.

The Fire Lord elected to wait until the Siege of the South had moved along enough before proceeding with this assault. On 12 September, with the Southern Water Tribe nearly sieged to the point of capture, he prepared his army for the Earth Kingdom. He chose one of his military advisers, General Fuang, to lead the attack.

A key issue

On 13 September, before the military was ready to go, word got to Zorro that the Fire Nation Rebel Army was threatening the Fire Nation Capital with their Rebellion Against the New Reign. As a result, Zorro ordered some of the Earth Kingdom invasion force to come back and defend the homeland, which would play a role in the Earth Kingdom.

The Battle

14 September

The remainder of the invasion force launched from a base in the eastern islands of the Fire Nation in the morning hours of the 14th. Their strike began in the western part of the Kingdom, attacking at Senlin Village and the nearby Mining village. Waiting for them was a large Earth Kingdom military defense, along with Team Avatar members Toph Bei Fong, Suki, Mai, and Reeaki.

Toph and Reeaki headed off the Fire Nation at Senlin Village, overpowering them alongside the Earth Kingdom military. The fight then centered to the mining village for the remainder of the day and into the night. However, the Fire Nation overwhelmed the Earth Kingdom there, and captured the town.

15 September

General Fong's base was placed on high alert, with several men, inclusive of Reeaki, placed into a defense position around the base. All the meanwhile, the battlefield grew harsh. Early in the afternoon, Suki was forced out of the battle due to a sprained ankle and several burn wounds. The Fire Nation was overwhelming, despite the best efforts of the Earth Kingdom, Toph, and Mai.

The battle soon neared Fong's base. After watching the situation collapse against the Earth Kingdom, Reeaki took matters into his own hands. He combined Weatherbending and Firebending in a devastating move, which wiped out his energy and caused him to pass out briefly.

Results and Consequences

Reeaki's move accomplished its goal. Almost all of the Fire Nation military was crushed in the move, forcing them to surrender to the Earth Kingdom.

Reeaki would later come to, and made the decision to return to his home world.

The Mining village, however, remained under Fire Nation control. As a result, the re-coronated Fire Lord Zuko had to pull his men out before they started an effective colonization of the village. Defeated, these men agreed and they left the village, officially clinching an Earth Kingdom hold.

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