By The avatar Part of the The Phoenix Chronicles continuity.
The Attack at the Shore


The Battle for the South


The Phoenix War


Spring 70 AG


unknown small bay in South Eagle Island


Team Strike, etc. retreats to Air Nomad territory


Phoenix Islands

Team Strike, The Phoenix Bombers, Admiral Min's fleet


Unknown Colonel

  • Admiral Min
  • Mian
  • Sky

Forces involved

Phoenix Islands Division 1

Team Strike, Phoenix Bombers, Admiral Min's fleet


Unknown, several injured

Unkown, several injured


The Attack at the Shore, was a surprise attack by Colonel Ju of the Phoenix Islands Army. This attack, got Team Strike and Admiral Min's navy off guard. They were preparing to attack a Phoenix Island base, when they were suddenly raided.

The Battle

The battle was quick and short, the attacked were resting, and talking but were caught off guard as tanks and soldiers poured into their small camp. The attacker's tanks moved quickly and surrounded the camp. The attacked, tried to fight them off, but retreated. Mian, made an ice wall to protect their retreat. By, the time Colonel Ju's division had destroyed the wall, the fleet had retreated.


The retreating entourage, headed to the Air Nomads were they healed before heading off to defeat the invaders at the Southern Water Tribe. So, if this attack had not happened the Southern Water Tribe Capital, might fall, but the Islander Base, also might have been captured.

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