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By King Bumis Heir Part of the Avatar: The Legacy of Rong Yan continuity.
Atshen, Spirit of Bloodbending
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Spirit World



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Dark Brown

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Dark Brown

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Glowing Red (Whole Eyeball)

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Claws, Bloodbending, Teeth

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Spirit World, Any bloodbenders who worship Atshen

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Spirit of Bloodbending



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Book 2: Water Chapter 12: The Blood Moon Part 2: The Bloodbender

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Book 2: Water Chapter ??:

Atshen is a minor character in the fanon Avatar: The Legacy of Rong Yan. Atshen is the cannibalistic evil spirit worshiped by bloodbenders who follow ancient tradition.


Atshen is an evil spirit, some claim that Atshen is actually a neutral spirit as he had done both good and evil deeds. Atshen, is worshiped by any bloodbenders who follow ancient tradition.

Atshen was the name of the fifth Water Tribe chief, the chief was an evil, cannibalistic man. He was also the man who developed the ability of bloodbending, recording this unique art in ancient scrolls that were passed down by many generations.

Bloodbenders of 300,000 years ago had used a wolfbat as their symbol for their worshiping spirit. Beforehand, they only had worshiped the chief, though some have proclaimed that when the chief had died he was escorted to the Spirit World by wolfbats.

Other stories claim that Atshen him was druidic, and protected wildlife, when he died and had gone to the Spirit World he manifested into a spirit of a wolfbat and has forever stayed in that form.

Those who had dreams or visions of Atshen, and were waterbenders were to later discover or accept these powers as a gift, and be stronger than average bloodbenders. Those who failed Atshen's tests were to be bloodbended on failure and killed.

Cure to Insanity

Through the blood ritual offering made to any of the three shrines of Atshen around the world would cure the bloodbender of any madness they have developed and slightly increase their grip in bloodbending.

The practitioner was to place candles on the four corners of the small stone table in front of the shrine. Lighting the candles, placing a small stone bowl in the middle of the shrine table. The practitioner would then cut their palm of whichever hand and let a few drops of blood drop into the small bowl.

After doing so, they would open their bloodbending tome, and recite an ancient words of rite. If done correctly, the bloodbender will suddenly make a cross stance with their arms wide all awhile looking at the full moon.

Feeling a surge of power rush through them only will the bloodbender be cleansed of their insanity, and have their powers slightly enhanced. They called this event the Blood Moon.

Villagers within the South and North Pole and the eastern Earth Kingdom do not leave the safety of their homes during this holiday. As the outdoors will be very dangerous.

Thousands of years in the past when this was worshiped by several people, many civilians would go missing and be found dead the next few days.


In life, it was said that Atshen had a godly grip in bloodbending. Though now as a spirit he is able to grant that same ability to his worshipers. It has been two thousand years since a bloodbender had been chosen worthy enough for Atshen to grant that person his godly grip.

Perhaps, Amon, was granted that same ability by Atshen. Since it was provided by the spirit for Amon to use his grip with the use of his mind.


  • Atshen means "cannibal" in Inuit.

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