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"You would trade the stability of your world just for your own selfish needs? I think I like you..."
— Atma to Saiya Lee.
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Saiya Lee, Shuo, Ai, Shimai Sisters, Koh

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Atma is an ancient and mysterious form-changing spirit who resides in one of the darker areas of the Spirit World. Once the patron spirit of a small town in the Southern Earth Kingdom, he destroyed his people after they failed in protecting his shrine which was destroyed in a local conflict hundreds of years earlier. Since then he seldom appears in the physical world and those who are able to meet with him should consider themselves extremely lucky... Or very unlucky.


Atma was once a revered and respected patron spirit of a small Earth Kingdom town which bore his name. He protected and cared for his people as long as they protected his sacred shrine. The town was in conflict with another, smaller town and survived countless attacks. One attack, however, proved fatal to their patron's shrine. This angered Atma and in a blind rage he destroyed both towns.

Since then he has receded to a dark alcove where his shrine once stood, only appearing occasionally in his physical form. Soon the two towns, their conflict and their demise were forgotten by all, all but Atma. Atma would take revenge on humans, appearing to certain mortals he deemed unworthy, taking a form which best suited his endeavor, and do away with his victim. For others he would grant a wish, at a price of course.


Atma is a sly, manipulative spirit. He takes a certain enjoyment in confusing others with his riddles, sometimes tricking them into terrible agreements. He has a deep, echoing voice that would scare even the bravest of warriors. He seemed sadistic in a way, as he viewed his revenge as a game.


Atma had not one certain appearance but could change shape as he wishes. It is believed that the form he takes most of the time, a dark shadow-like figure that seems to emanate dark energy, may be his original shape.


  • Atma means "Spirit" in Hindi.


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