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Physical information

Between the Fire Nation and Patola Mountain Range

Head of State



Atlantean gold


Poseidon (deceased), Atlas (deceased)



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The Very Beginning

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Map of Water

Island It Self

Atlantis was located between the Fire Nation and Patola Mountain range. It was a powerful land, filled with majestic creatures. Fauna like never seen before, many beautiful plants and places. Atlanteans were the most advanced society at that time, home of an ancient and advanced civilization. They were the first to bend, first to push and pull, first to understand the difference between spirit and physical world. Atlantean's were perfect artists and musicians, they had amazing technology, everything was powered by powerful Chrystal's that made the island very famous.

Capital City

Atlantis capital city is shaped in three large land circles one inside each other, it had one entrance in, coming in and coming out. There were many bridges that connected the land circles to each other and the heart of it. It was a guarded city with circular canals and waterway that lead to its heart. There was a shrine, dedicated for memory of their first king, lord of seas the Poseidon. Atlantis had harbors, many ships would sail in and out with Atlantean emblem on the flags.


Kings/Queens: Kings/Queens of Atlantis had robes, made of very rare materials in many colors. Kings had many bracelets made out of gold and rings with diamonds on it. They had a crown(for kings) and Tiara(for queens) with shining Chrystal's on it, and a staff(for kings) with large Chrystal shaped blade on top.

Citizens: Had either blue robes or blue shirt with golden belt and white trousers with brown shoes. They had Atlantean tattoos and beautiful shining necklaces that held lots of power in it.

Priests: Had long blue and white robes, each of them had a wooden staff with small shining crystals on them and a crystal necklace.

Soldiers: Had a few armor parts made out of gold, the rest practically out of metal.

Atlanteans: (what everyone have in common) Each Atlantian, doesn't mater whether King, Priest or a normal citizen, all had Chrystal necklaces and blue or white outfits. They had golden bracelets and a few rings on arms.


Atlantean Emblem is a warrior with sword drawn and circles one inside the other with one entrance coming in and out. In middle of Atlantis a dot, location of shrines of Poseidon.

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