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Warning! This page contains spoilers for The Legend of Atka.

Biographical information



Water Tribe

Birth place

Southern Water Tribe Capital


Wherever he finds a bed




156 AG

Physical description


Hair color


Eye color


Personal information
Bending style(s)

Waterbending, Earthbending, Firebending


Mother, Father and a sister, Asker


Kann, Akeme, Masaru, Piazzo, The Alliance, The Moon Guardians


Mizan, The Phoenix Cult, General Forr, Forr's Army

Chronological and political information

Avatar, Moon Guardian


Kya (Waterbending), Kann (Earthbending), Piazzo (Firebending)

First appearance

The Legend of Atka: Chapter 1 - The Avatar Returns

Atka is the waterbending Avatar succeeding Aang. He is the main protagonist of The Legend of Atka.


Early Years

Atka was born in 156 AG in the Southern Water Tribe as the son of a successful merchant and his wife, a waterbending healer. Growing up in comfort in the Southern Tribe capital, Atka enjoyed a happy childhood with his family and their large group of friends; including his best friend, Rilu.

At the age of three Atka first displayed signs of waterbending; this was discovered when he was out playing with his father, he managed to beat him a snow ball fight by gathering up a large snow ball and hurling towards his (rather surprised) father. When it was discovered he could waterbend, Atka was trained by his mother who taught him the basics of how to control his newly found skill.

Two years, and one sister, later Atka was enrolled in a school where he was taught about his heritage and learnt the skills needed to help him thrive in the South Pole. It was here that Atka met two more valuable friends: Hanna, the daughter of Kya and granddaughter of Aang and Katara, and Ishak who was the son of a tough Northern Tribe Warrior who had sent his son away for training in the same place he had trained himself.

Atka spent the remaining five years honing his waterbending, and proving himself to be something of a prodigy at the art, which sparked the interest of many within the city and beyond.

Becoming the Avatar

At the age of ten all young waterbenders in the Southern Tribe have the opportunity to apply to become Moon Guardians, the elite unit of the Tribes Military, Atka was no exception. It is a tough process as they are all scrutinised by the waterbending masters of the Tribe, trying to find the best twelve students to begin their training with the guardians.

Atka and his friends all made through the process and were accepted as Moon Guardian trainees to begin their six years of training under a master, for Atka's group it was Kya. As the training progressed the tribe was visited by a group called the Order of the White Lotus who spent a few days observing the young Moon Guardians in their training, taking a particular interest in Atka.

At the age of fourteen Atka was taken on the traditional rite of passage for young Water Tribe men, ice dodging. Setting out with his father Atka passed the trial and earnt the Mark of the Trusted, showing his skill in a sailing boat.

By the time Atka turned sixteen he was already on the brink of mastering waterbending and it was time for him to become a fully fledged member of the Guardians, the ceremony of which would take place at the annual Glacier Spirits Festival.

A day later Atka is told of his destiny, that he is the Avatar and must leave the South Pole in order to master the four elements and do his duty to the world. After a teary goodbye the young Avatar leaves on a ship bound for the Earth Kingdom.

It is here that the Legend of Atka truly begins...


Atka initially has a profound confidence in himself and his abilities. This changes when he is told of his identity as an insecurity and self-doubt within himself comes to the fore, with Kya even remarking that he expected him to be excited about being the Avatar.

Once he arrives in the Earth Kingdom he soon gets some of his confidence back, this grows as he meets Kann and confronts the people who try to provoke him.

Atka has shown himself to be incredibly dedicated to his friends and makes sure he stands up for them and ensures they know he's there to help if they need it. One trait of Atka that isn't so positive is that he often lets his anger take over, as he proved when he attacked Forr.




A non-bending merchant who operates many of the trading out of the South Pole, he is Atka's father. The relationship between the two was a typical father/son one, as most of these relationships are particularly strong in Water Tribe culture this means that they are very close with one another.


Anana is a famed healer who has spent many years healing the wounded and tending to the sick in the city and beyond. She was Atka's first waterbending teacher which meant they always had a bond with one another.


The only sibling of Atka, Asker is Atka's reclusive sister. The relationship between the two of them has gone through many ups and downs over the years but it is clear that the two always cared for each other as they both showed emotion when it was time for Atka to leave. Asker is a water bender like her brother and mother but she never showed much interest in pursuing it like Atka did.



Kann is Atka's earthbending teacher and one of his closest friends. The two met at the barracks where they quickly bonded over a shared distaste for the place they were forced to be in. Kann's cheerful and jokey persona has always relieved tension for the pair as they travelled around and has only strengthened their friendship.


A member of the Fire Nation Royal family, and son of Prince Roku. Piazzo is a firebending master and the tutor of Atka whilst he trains in the art. A light-hearted and fair man he is always understanding of Atka and remains close to his younger twin siblings. Piazzo has proved himself to be an intuitive teacher as he found a way to overcome Atka's firebending difficulties.


The daughter of Roku and twin to Masaru, Akeme is a princess in the Fire Nation. Akeme became a love interest of Atka as they bonded during their time together in the Fire Nation. Akeme is a strong willed and determined girl who doesn't take well to being called a princess and only wants to travel the world like her uncle. However, Akeme can be incredibly caring when she wants to be.


Twin brother to Akeme and younger brother of Piazzo, Masaru is a prince of the Fire Nation. Masaru has been a good friend of Atka since they met but has formed a much closer bond with Kann, which soon became romance.

Other Allies

The Avatar has many allies in the world who will follow him through thick and thin. Amongst these are the Moon Guardians, Atka's old Water Tribe friends, and other members of the Southern Water Tribe including Sokka and Kya. The Fire Nation Royal family have also proved themselves to be reliable allies to Atka, especially Roku, Zuko and Iroh.

In the Earth Kingdom Kann's father promises to be another reliable ally, with many more being gathered up. It's fair to say that Atka has the backing of many people in the world and that he has little to fear from the threats around the world with a group as strong as his.



The first person to teach Atka earthbending he is a harsh and unforgiving man. He was a highly decorated general in the Earth Kingdom military before retiring and becoming an instructor to new recruits. His plan to invade the Colonies prompted Atka to act in finding people to stand alongside him and repel the threat to poses. Forr himself remains a huge influence amongst the Council of Five and he little trouble in gathering an army to enact his invasion plan.


The Crown Prince of the Fire Nation became an enemy of Atka after he revealed himself as the leader of the Phoenix cult, a renegade group of firebenders looking to gain control of the Fire Nation and restore it to its former glory. Mizan initially was little more than a man who simply wanted his Nation to thrive, until the news of Forr's plan reached him and he wanted to take action where his father wouldn't. At the moment his ultimate intentions are unknown, but he poses a major threat to the balance of the world

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