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Athens the Squirrel is a Fanon Character and Character in the Roleplay Avatar Nation.


Athens is a young Sandbender from Fort Eusef, a small town just south of Full Moon Bay that was burnt to the ground by Firebenders during The War. He isn't actually a member of a Sandbender Clan, but rather a member of a normal family. He taught himself to bend Sand when he saw some sandbenders working their Magyk and swore to himself that he would learn. He is also an active Earthbender, and both of his bending styles came into play when Fort Eusef was burnt to the ground 7 days after being retaken during the Day of The Black Sun. He was the only survivor, swimming through the Earth at the first sight of the soldiers unlike eager Freedom Fighters who wanted to take yet another crack at the fiends.

Years of Refuge

Athens was quick to find himself caught up in trouble when he met Zay, a man who claimed to be the current Avatar. As it turned out, Zay was the Avatar of the Future. Athens was in quite some shock when he realized that the spirits must have dumped him in this time because the world needed TWO Avatars. He quickly got over it when Zay helped him and a new firebending friend reach Ba Sing Se. The threesome has opened a Meat Stand in the Lower Ring, and are currently out of stock in every meat imaginable after a wealthy man purchased every pound of meat they had.


Little is known about how Athens acted before Fort Eusef was retaken, but afterwards, he became unfortunately stern. He was, however, increasingly predictable. He refuses to this day to sleep in Open Air.


  • Athens has been in a multitude of Fanons and Roleplays, many not even being about Avatar: The Last Airbender
  • Athens is an unusually large Beatles fan, despite they not existing the world of Avatar.
  • He has always dreamed of meeting the, as he calls her, "Legendary Toph Bei Fong,".
  • He is not Greek.
  • Athens is a humanoid Squirrel. In the world of Avatar, this can best be explained by saying he is a Squirrel Man, like many other animal Hybrids in the World of Avatar.

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