By Rockjaw Grang Part of the the Phoenix Estates continuity.
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Kumaro, Aditi, Altair, Hideki, Zysor


Et Dah, Bharato, Phoenix Estates

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Chapter XXIII:The Preparations


Atenar was a glider pilot for the Fire Nation. He was taught how to fly by Kumaro. He fought in the battle for the Fire Nation, and was a member of the small group of fifteen pilots who were supposed to destroy the Sun Generator. He was the one who did this, by having a rock that was tied to his glider hit Ynder on the head. He later fought in the Battle for Ember island, the defense of Obas, and the Landing in the south. He also helped capture part of the Phoenix Estates' rough rhinos by landing around them, along with several other pilots. He also fought in an attack on a Phoenix Estates fort that was build overlooking a valley. Later, he helped chase Bharato out of Nov Sol, but he was driven back, as were the other pilots who were with him, by Et Dah's forces. Latr, during the Battle for Aggni, he fought Et Dah on the top of an airship after she had killed Altair and Hideki. When Et Dah fled when the Phoenix Estates airships took off, he killed her as she turned away from him. He greived over the loss of his friends, but he was comforted by his cousin, Zysor. He then travelled to Ba Sing Se, and lead the Fire Nation glider pilots against the Phoenix Esates forces.


Atenar was a skilled firebender, as he was able to defeat many powerful opponents, especially Et Dah. He was also an excellent pilot, and was known for falling and then using his glider-staff to fly.

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