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Ataro and Tzenno
Biographical information

Fire Nation / Southern Water Tribe

Birth place

Ember Island


Southern Water Tribe

Physical description


Personal information
Weapon of choice


Bending style(s)


Love interest(s)

Qarra (Tzenno)


United Forces



Chronological and political information

United Forces (formerly)

Ataro and Tzenno are the twin firebending sons of Akkotuk and Ahita, and both former commanders in the United Forces. They are firebending masters and among the only Fire Nation citizens who live permanently in the Southern Water Tribe.


Ataro and Tzenno were both born on Ember Island in the Fire Nation. From an early age, the twins displayed firebending abilities, taking after their mother Ahita, and both excelled in their training.

At some point, Akkotuk and Ahita decided to move to the Southern Water Tribe, their father's home, bringing the twins with them. They settled there slowly, and often feeling alienated among the waterbenders, and both were often bullied by the other children there, having been raised to hate or be suspicious of Fire Nation citizens ever since the war ended.

The twins eventually settled in the tribe, but eventually they both took up the opportunity to join the United Forces. Ataro and Tzenno quickly moved up the ranks, eventually becoming commanders like their father had been, even gaining them the attention of General Iroh. Iroh had offered them both positions in his own personal fleet, but they both turned down the offer, stating they eventually intended to return and stay in the Southern tribe.

In 171 AG, Ataro and Tzenno took an early retirement from the United Forces and settled in the south.

Meeting Eska and Desna

In 175 AG, Eska and Desna would make another short visit to the south. Knowing of one Water Tribe citizen who had gained firebending abilities following Harmonic Convergence, they were quick to find out other non-Water Tribe or non-waterbending benders. This is where they would meet Ataro and Tzenno.


Other than their firebending abilities, the twins both display skill in physical or one-on-one combat.


Ataro and Tzenno are both firebending masters.

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