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Origin of firebending mural Zuko, something happened to At the Sea-Side in the last hundred years.

This fanon has been discontinued, but is still available to read for your enjoyment.

At the Sea-Side
General information

Friendship, Romance






31 total



Original run

1st – 31st January, 2014 (official)
1st January – whenever (me)




Avatar Wiki,



"When I was down beside the sea

A wooden spade they gave to me
To dig the sandy shore.
My holes were empty like a cup.
In every hole the sea came up
Till it could come no more."

— Robert Louis Stevenson, At the Sea-Side

At the Sea-Side is a series of 31 one-shots for Tokka month 2014. Please be gentle with me, I only heard about this on the 31st of December. Yay me.


Thirty-one fun-filled days of Tokka. I hate myself sometimes, because once I see these things, I have to do them. On the plus side; I'm actually going to do this. Worse comes to worse, the chapters will just be little drabbles *coughChapterOnecough* also going to try and perhaps use some of the random stories I've had sitting on my computer for ages (chapters 20 and 25, for instance).


Once again, showing off my Tokkaness. This time, I am attempting to get into the head of Sokka a little more, although that's not to say they will all be about him. There are 31 of these things.

As another note; there will be romantic shots, as per usual, although I am going to attempt a few more ones that, well, aren't romantic.


Day the First: Earthbending
Day the Second: Music
Day the Third: Heartbeat
Day the Fourth: Happiness
Day the Fifth: Old Age
Day the Sixth: Field Trip
Day the Seventh: Pets
Day the Eighth: Talents
Day the Ninth: Parents
Day the Twentieth: Departure
Day the Twenty-Fifth: Change

See more

For the collective works of the author, go here.

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