At Last We Meet
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The Legend of Tintsu




At Last We Meet

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Sat. Nov. 6, 2010

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Its finally out! About time, took me a month to write


Tintsu avrives in the Fire Nation and makes an unexpected discovery...


Somewhere just off the cost of the Fire Nation

Tintsu stood at the bow of the ship, looking out at the ocean. It was a two-day trip by steam ship to the Fire Nation, and they would be making berth in just a few hours. Wail he stood there, two small children, a boy and a girl, ran up on deck, and started chasing each other around laughing. Tintsu couldn't help but smile as he watched the to children. "Ah, the innocence of youth" he thought. Tintsu guessed that they were probably siblings, or perhaps cousins. They wore very simple clothing; the girl, who was probably five or six, wore a simple pink dress, with matching clogs. Her sandy blond hair was to shoulder lenghth, with little hair clips that looked liked flames kepping her hair out of her large golden eyes. The boy looked to be about seven or eight, and wore a simple deep red, almost maroon, shirt, and Fire Nation red pants. He had short brown hair, and large hazel eyes. Tintsu stood and watched them for some time. It wasn't long before a young beautiful woman, probably their mother, came up to see what all the commotion was about. She wore a simple red and yellow dress, and her long brown hair reached just past her shoulders. She wisked the children down below deck, and it was quiet once again. Tintsu turned back to face the ocean once more. As he looked out to the horizon, he could just barely make out the first glimpse of land.

A Fire Nation Port

As the ship landed on the landed, Tintsu was in no real hurry to get off the boat. He just blended in with the croud and tried not to draw too much attention to himself. Suddenly he felt a strong hand grap his arm, but not hard enough to have triggered his foresight, so it caught him a bit off gard.

"Passport, please." The man said frowning.

Tintsu just stood camly looking back at the man. "You don't know who I am, do you?" Tintsu bluffed.

"Passport, please." The man more grunted then actually said.

Tintsu smirked. "Look, since you obviously have no idea who you're dealing with, I'll let this slide, just this once."

"I'm not going to ask you again. Passport, please." As he said this, he placed his hand on the hilt of his sword, to further prove his point.

Tintsu knew then what to do, he just didn't want to do it. But, it seemed that he had no choice. He swiftly thrust his hand and poked the man in the forehead, his eyes flashing as he forced a small amount of cosmic energy into the man's body through his light chakra, temporarily stunning him. When the man recoiled, Tintsu took this opportunity, starting to run, shoving pedestrians out of his way and throwing obstacles behind him. When he finally got out of town, Tintsu took a moment to catch his breath. The run was not that bad. In fact, he would have been quite surprised if it had been more than five or six hundred feat. What was so tiring about it was how much cosmic energy he had forced out of his body to stun the man. While in the long run it was not that much energy, it was enough to tire him. Tintsu looked back at the town. "Probably unwise to head back there any time soon" he thought. "Probably better to just head to the next town and look for information there then stick around here and get arrested here". And just like that, he was off, headed into the nearby forest.

Somewhere deep in the forest

After what felt like hours, Tintsu realized that he was lost, so he climbed a tree to try to get his bearings. As he looked around he heard a voice.

"Dang, we scammed those guys good!" It was obviously female, almost childish sounding.

Tintsu looked down and saw a group of what appeared to be four children. There were two boys, and two girls. The oldest was of about fourteen or fifteen, and wore a brown tunic with a red shawl, and his hair was tied in a top-knot. He had a very finally crafted sword strapped on his back, appearing to be one Master Piandao's blades, which could prove very problematic. The next oldest looked about thirteen or fourteen and also had her hair tied in a top knot. She wore a red two piece silk dress, which clearly showed off her middle.

"Bit of a floozie" Tintsu observed.

The second youngest looked about twelve, maybe thirteen, and had short black hair wrapped and wore a red headband. He also wore a fine black suit, which seemed to be missing it's belt, probably being used as the headband. The youngest looked about eleven or twelve, and had her hair in a large bun. She woar a gold tiara-like hair band, and a quite fashionable Fire Nation outfit. Not particularly flattering, but seemed to suit her well.

The oldest was the only one that was armed, but the other three seemed to carry themselves in a confident manner. "Firebenders" thought Tintsu. As he watched them, he listened to the rest of their conversation.

"You don't have to tell the whole world!" the older girl exclaimed.

"But its true!" the younger girl protested, "We made almost 100 gold peaces, and do you have any idea how much money that is?!"

"Yes I do," the older girl continued, "but what some one heard you? Do you have any idea how much trouble we'd be in if anyone found out that you're "The Runaway"?"

"Sugar Queen, There's nobody here!" the runaway screamed!

"Could you please stop fighting for one second?!" the older boy snapped

"What's got in into you Snoozels?" the Runaway questioned

"I am just sick and tired of the two of you always fighting, sick and tired of not eating any meat, and above all else, I'M SICK OF WALKING!!!" Snoozels screamed.

Tintsu noticed the Runaway flinch at the volume of the last complaint. "Must have pretty sensitive hearing" Tintsu thought.

"I'm sorry Sokka, but I already told you, Appa's too tired to fly right now" the younger boy explained calmly.

"Fly?" Tintsu wondered "And who's Appa?". He pushed the thought aside and continued listening

"Why don't we just make camp here? It's getting a little late." Sugar Queen suggested, sounding concerned.

"I'm up for that," The yonger boy said cheerfully

"Sounds good to me," The Runaway added.

"Alright fine," Sokka agreed.

"Uh-oh, this can't be good. If there making camp here, then its only a matter of time before they spot me. But if I make a run for it, they might hear me, or at least that "runaway" girl." Tintsu considered. "They're probably all masters, so it isn't likely that I'll win if I take them on all at once, even if they're only children. Maybe if I can get the element of surprise, I might be able to win." Tintsu crouched on the tree branch for a moment, taking in his surroundings. "It dosent look like have much of a choice." Tintsu then began to plan his strategy. "Well my guess is that 'Sugar Queen' is probably the biggest threat. However, Sokka is the one with sword, and although my staff is fire proof, it is not sword proof. I guess he's my best target. Once he's out, they'll know I'm there, so I should then take out the closest one to Sokka. After that, the other two probably shouldn't be too tough."

Tintsu waited for Sokka to walk close enough so that he could knock him out when he jumped. It wasn't long before Sokka and the younger boy volunteered (for want of a better word, seeing as Sokka half dragged the other boy with him) to go fetch fire wood. The two boys began walking toward Tintsu; and as soon as they were right under him, Tintsu drew his staff and slid off the branch. Before anyone could react, Tintsu landed on the two boys, knocking them both out, and began to charge at Katara. As he ran, he had a vision of a rock pillar shuting out of the in front of him. He quickly jumped out of the way, startled. As he wondered what had just happened it, he failed to foresee himself be frozen in place, then covered by rock. The two girls dashed up to him, the younger holding an earthbending stance with a rather large rock floting next to her, and the older with a waterbending stance, complete with watery tendrils covering her arms. Looking at both of them, Tintsu quickly realized his grave mistake. "Give me one good reason why I shouldn't bury you alive!" the yonger girl demanded.

Katara stood next to Toph, furious that this strange boy had attacked them for no discernible reason. A small, indifferent part of her was curious as to whom he was. He was rather tall, about 5'7" or 5'8", broad sholders, dark brown eyes, and short dark brown hair to match. He wore a Fire Nation red tunic, and a sedge hat. The weapon he had attacked them with was buried some where under the ice and stone that imprisoned him.

"Answer me!" Toph shouted

"I'm too good looking?" the boy suggested hopefully.

Toph burst out laughing, but Katara wasn't in the mood.

"Why did you attack us?" Katara snapped

The boy's expression quickly turned serious. "I figured you were aggressive firebenders, and that if you saw me, you would attacked."

Katara looked curiously at Toph, who was still snickering.

"Was he lying?"

"How should I know? I can't feel his heart beat through all that ice."

"Oh, sorry." Katara lowered her hands, then Toph opened a few holes in the rock prison to drain it. After that, she constricted the stone, not so much as to strangle the prisoner, but so she could better feel his abnormally slow and light hartbeat. During this, the boy wore a look of deep thought on his face, as if trying to recall something. Suddenly, a look of shock dawned on his face. "You two wouldn't happen to be Toph and Katara, woud you?" Tintsu asked with uncertainty.

"You've heard of us?" Katara asked, surprised

"Yeah!" Tintsu replied, "Everyone has heard of the Avatar's... er, former companions..." Tintsu's voice trailed off at the end of his sentence, realizing that the memory of his death was probably still fresh in there minds.

Stirring was then heard from Sokka and the younger boy whom Tintsu did not recognize.

"My what now?" the younger boy groaned as he tried to stand up, clutching his head. Katara ran over to help him, while Tintsu (still trapped in stone) just looked. When he did, he saw that the young boy's headband had slipped off, reveling a large, light blue arrow on his forehead.

Tintsu looked in shock and disbelief. There he was, the Avatar, the world's last hope, killed by the fire prince Zuko, was standing right there before him, injured by his own hand. Tintsu felt a little pang of regret begin to well up inside him, but with a deep breath he pushed in out, whispering, "Guilt leads to shame."

Toph noticed her prisnor's heart rate spike (just barely enough to be noticeable) when he saw Aang, and couldn't help be smirk. "Bet you didn't see that coming!"

"No, no I did not." Her prisoner replied calmly.

"So why did you attack us anyway?" Toph asked with a bored look on her face.

"I already told you, I thought you were aggressive firebenders, and if you saw me you would attack me." The prisoner honestly explained.

"So what were you doing up in the tree?" Katara called from where she was healing Sokka and Aang's 'wounds'.

"I..uh..was lost, so I climbed a tree to see where I was, but only saw you guys." Toph's prisoner replied, again, honestly.

Finishing with the boys, Katara walked over to Toph and her prisoner. She gave a Toph a look, and she knew what she was going to ask before she said it.

"He's been totally honest so far." Toph said

"Are you sorry for attacking us?" Katara asked the boy.

"Of course not." The prisoner answered.

"Still not lying." Toph stated.

"How can you not be sorry?!!" Katara screamed.

"I've got my reasons." The prisoner stated calmly and truthfully.

"AAARRGGHH!!" Katara yelled. Toph thought she was going to hit the prisoner, and was surprised when she just stormed off instead.

"What's her problem?" Sokka asked as he and Aang walked over to Toph, both still clutching their still sore heads.

"I have no idea," said Toph.

"She obviously cares for you both very deeply." The prisoner observed.

Toph noticed a slight increase in Aang's heart beat. "Typical Aang" she thought.

"So, you gonna let me out now?" the prisoner asked

"I don't know, how do we know we can trust you?" Sokka asked distrustfully

"Have I lied to you yet?" he replied.

"Hmm...good point," said Aang brightly.

"Fine, but just remember, I've got my eyes on you." As he said this, Sokka pointed two fingers at his eyes, and then at the prisoner.

With a stomp of her foot, the stone prison crumbled, and Tintsu was finally able to stretch his arms that had been stuck in an awkward position.

"So just who are you?" Toph asked

"They call me Tintsu the Seer, but you can just call be Tintsu." He replided, searching through the rubble for his staff. After a few seconds of searching, he found it and put it on his back.

"Well, I best be going now..."

"Why don't you stay?"

Tintsu was surprised when he turned to see Katara standing behind him, looking ashamed. She had apparently been listening to the conversation, and wanted to make amends. "Hey, that's a great idea!" Aang piped in. "Why don't you stay for dinner?"

Tintsu did not know what to say, not expecting such hospitality from people he had been trying to kill less than an hour earlier. "Sure."

Tintsu sat with the gaang around the camp fire. Katara had made a diliths soup for diner; Toph complained about having it every day, but everyone else seemed grateful (especially Sokka). As they ate, they told stories about their adventures in the Earth Kingdom, and what actually happened that day in Ba Sing Se, how Katara reserected Aang from the dead, and some of their adventures in the Fire Nation. Well into the meal, Tintsu looked at the sky, and realized it was dusk.

"Sorry, but I need to get going."

"Why? We were just having fun." protested Sokka

"I know, but I realy need to get going."

"Alright fine. Can we at least give you directions to the next town?" asked Katara.

Tintsu thought about it for a second, "Uh, yeah, that would be nice."

Sokka got out his expensive atlas and began examining it. "Hmm, the closest village would be that way," Sokka points off on some direction, " But the closest real town would be Fire Fountain City, about a two days walk from here."

"Alright, thanks"

Tintsu then got up and started to leave.

"You sure you don't want to stay?" offered Katara

Tintsu looked back at Katara. "I'm sure," he replied with a gentle smile, before heading off to find someplace qute to meditate for the night, and then head off for Fire Fountain City in the morning.

"So, anyone know any good ghost stories?" asked Sokka.

Production Notes

  • This is the first time that Team Avatar is given any original dialog, and the author hopes its not too OOC
  • For various reasons, this chapter took the author over a month to write, mainly because of writer's block and school.

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