At Ember Island
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Rock Hard

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Part 1

Rocky, Coal, and Rumble arrived at Ember Island.

Coal: Let's see what you learned...

Coal fire whipped Rocky on his leg cast. Rocky looked scared.

Coal: Dude, your fear of fire MUST go.

Rocky: Okay...

Rocky went to the main land of the Fire Nation.


Rocky knocked over a cart and ate all the Fire Flakes.

Metalbending Officer: Under arrest.

Rocky handed the money to the man who was manning the stall and ran. The officer got on her motorcycle and rode after Rocky. Rocky jumped on top of a building and ran the opposite direction of the officer.

Rocky: Must firebend!

Rocky firebended and he made a fire hoverdisc around a rock. He jumped on it.

Rocky: Ride 'em, Earthbender!

The Metalbending Cop caught up and arrested him.

Rocky: I was picture framed!

Rocky broke away and ran to Ember Island.

Part 2

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