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Assault on the Southern Water Tribe, Part 1
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Azula and Ozai's Plot


Book One: Water



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June 27, 2012

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"Assault on the Southern Water Tribe, Part 1" is the fourth chapter of Book One:Water in Azula and Ozai's Plot


The Phoenix Raiders, and Azula lay siege on the Southern Water Tribe, after finding out that Team Avatar is there. With a massive fleet of Fire Nation ships and airships, can Team Avatar defend themselves and the Southern Water Tribe?


The Prelude

"It's Azula!" said Zuko, clearly in shock.

"Hello Zuzu. What's the problem? Shocked to see me so soon? That's okay. You should be." Azula calmly retorted.

"Your never going to take the Southern Water Tribe!" said Sokka.

"I don't have to, they can do it for me." Azula said.

"Who's they?" Toph questioned.

"The Phoenix Raiders." replied Zuko. "A group of 50 fierce firebenders."

"Get Dad! We all the help we can get!" Katara said to Sokka.

Sokka ran to the palace to tell his father, Hakoda, what was going on. After he told his father, the drums sounded, calling for all warriors, healers, and waterbenders to assemble for battle and to listen to Hakoda's speech.

"People of the Water Tribe! The enemy is here. Here to attack us, conquer us, and destroy our way of life. We are not going to let this happen. The Water Tribe has endured for over one hundred years, and it's time to defeat the enemy again!"

All of the warriors and benders were positioned, waiting for the Phoenix Raiders to attack. Katara led the elders and children into the secret bunker. The air was piercing and freezing. Suddenly, the Phoenix Raiders ran off the boats, ready to attack. You could see the determination and confidence and hatred in their eyes.

The Assault

The warriors could see the crimson and gold armor coming straight towards them. Like a bird upon the wind, the Phoenix Raiders swiftly moved toward them. Snow began to gently fall.

"I'm going to try to slow them down. Appa! Yip-yip!" Aang said.

Appa flew towards the Phoenix Raiders. Aang leaped off of Appa's back and attacked the Raiders with fierce waterbending moves. Five Phoenix Raiders decided to take on the Avatar themselves, while the rest moved on. Aang used the "Water Octopus" technique that Katara taught him so long ago. The enemy was quickly defeated and Aang went to join the rest of the group. The Phoenix Raiders finally made it to where the warriors were stationed and began attacking. The group decided to split up: Aang and Zuko would fly on Appa and attack the Raiders from above, Suki, Ty Lee, and Katara would lead some waterbenders and attack from the sides, and Sokka and Toph would defend the bunker.

"There's so many of them!" Zuko said. "She must've recruited rebels from around the world, who want the War to still continue."

Aang looked across the vast, blue horizon in despair, but then, he noticed something. Ships. "Zuko! Look! Someone's coming."

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