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Fire Nation




90 AG

Physical description




Hair color


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Personal information
Weapon of choice

Shurikens (throwing stars), fire

Bending style(s)


Chronological and political information

Cong, Ken, Cheng

First appearance



who is Ashley?

Ashley is a Fire Nation girl born and raised there. She is an only child, has loving parents and her best friend is Cong. A Fire bending prodigy most might say but not her dad. He for some reason has always been against all types of bending, him being a firebender himself. Ashley has always wanted to go on an Adventure and now she sees that its not as easy as she tought.


Meeting Cong

When Ashley was a young girl, she was very shy and had no friends. One day, when she was playing on the beach, a huge boarcupine stormed out of the nearby bushes; the enormous beast growled and charged Ashley who screamed her lungs out in fear. This terrified scream was heard by a boy, who turned toward the source of it and saw the boarcupine and the girl. He wasted no time and took a strange plant out of his bag to throw it at the fierce animal. As soon as the animal sniffed some of the plants essence, it fell asleep. The boy approached the sleeping animal and retrieved his plant and inquired if the girl was okay.

"I'm okay... Thanks," Ashley replied.

"Glad to hear that. My name is Cong by the way."

"Oh, well thanks, Cong. Do you want to make a sand castle with me?" asked Ashley.

"Sure, why not?" said Cong

Meeting Ken

As Ashley grew up, she got a lot braver and stronger. She had improved her Firebending skills, but always brought her throwing stars along with her in her backpack.

One day while exploring a cave with Cong, they got stuck with no way out. Ashley asked Cong what they would do now, but he didn't know. Their only option was to search for Ken, the kid Cong saw earlier in the cave. They searched for him, but instead they were knocked out and arrested. They managed to escape with Ken's assistance.

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