Fang (Spirit) By Gingalover Part of the Book Five: Memory, Book Six: Shadow and Book Seven: Order continuity.
Asami Sato
Asami Sato
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Ms. Sato (by Hotaru)


United Republic


22 (Book 4)

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Electric gloves


Hiroshi Sato (father)

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Inventor, mechanic

Asami Sato is a smart, and understanding individual, and one of the inventive minds behind Republic City's many modern achievements (including the automobiles, and the variety of mecha suits).

Book Five: Memory

Asami Sato had gone through a period of rough time soon after the battle with Kuvira, since her father's sacrifice during the frey. While still slightly lorn over it, she no longer felt such a strong depression as before, and continued onward to the future with her various inventive attributes.

During this, she had created a type of new hummingbird suit, that was supposed to be much faster than the previous models, and got the group together in order to show them a test run, her being the pilot. Unfortunately, the hummingbird suit, due to its more lightweight build, became a failed run once it crashed, Asami ejecting herself just beforehand. Asami Sato was a bit bummed out that the new suit wasn't much of a success, but the others gave their support to her, and she, along with Korra, went back to the shop to continue their work. Back at the shop, Korra told her about her situation with Ziyou from the night earlier, Asami assuring her that it'll be alright. In fact, she decided to go with her to make things a bit easier on her.

With her moral support, Asami stayed with Korra throughout the whole thing, keeping her moral support as she and Korra met back up with Ziyou again.

Some time went by for her until she was told by Ikki about Korra's trip, to which Asami happily went with Korra for the trip, along with the rest of Team Avatar. The trip itself was uneventful throughout the whole time, until Ikki finally caught up with them just before travelling over the North Sea. After hearing her explanation for finding them, and with some prompting, it was Asami who answered for the rest, agreeing for Ikki to stay with them on the trip.

While on the trip to the North Pole, Asami and Korra both went off to bed, Asami going into Korra's room to talk. Asami was told about Korra's thoughts on the trip thus far. Asami agreed with Korra, saying it was great to be off on an adventure again. When Korra thanked her for coming, Asami assured her that she'll always be there if she needed anything, letting Korra rest her head on her shoulder. Their moment was broken though when Ziyou showed up, claiming that she was gonna tell the others about it, but Asami stopped her, and got her to be quiet about it.

The group soon arrived in Jang Hui, where Asami had her first encounter with one of the Qishi, a Flower Squid. However, she was sprayed at with the flower squid ink, soon falling under the ink's harmful effects, forcing her to stay within the airship. The effects had caused her stomach to inflame and bloat, making her crippled down until the effects had passed. When the others found out, she tried to assure them that she'd be okay, but the pain was proving that fact hard to believe. She was soon moved to Desna and Eska's room, their room having a more comfortable bed for Asami to rest and recover.

Asami Sato remained inside the airship as they arrived in Fire Fountain City, and was escorted out of bed when Korra returned drunk in order to stop Korra from demanding for her. Eventually, she ended up falling asleep with Korra.

The next day, her recovery had gone to the point where she could walk again. When they arrived in the next town, Asami joined them in going to the Phoenix Inn, and barely survived the attack by the Blimpus.

Soon after their ship had crashed, Asami was helped through the hike by Korra until they found their way to Sekitan, where Asami and the others went to in order to figure out how to get to the capital. While there, she met Hotaru, whom Asami spoke to for a while, and got help to reach the capital. During the drive through inside the armoured truck, they were attacked by another group of Blimpus. In an act of desperation, Asami took the wheel, and gave the orders to aid in their escape, which turned out successful.

After arriving at the Fire Nation Capital, Asami went along with her friends to the Spirit World, where they got help from Chi to figure out how to handle El Niño. After figuring it out, she returned and helped finish off El Niño during the final chase.

Book Six: Shadow

Voronon Hunting

After returning to Republic City, Asami continued with her work, soon getting her apprentice, Hotaru, and working on a project for a new aircraft. During one of the test runs, she was visited by Ziyou, and, after some talk, got her to help make a delivery for her of the aircraft plans to Varrick. While working on it though, she heard of the events back at Kuvira's prison, and went right to Lin Beifong's police station to help out. While there, she agreed to go with Korra and Jinora to the Spirit Library. While at the Spirit Library, she was found by Clivuuk, one of the Voronon. During the fight, Asami was kept in protection while her friends were being attacked. However, Asami tricked Clivuuk into nearly killing itself by falling off the bridge in a suicide attempt. She was saved later by Wan Shi Tong, and proved herself worthy enough to gain the information they needed. She was shown the Voronon statues within the library, and was told of what they were and how to defeat them before being sent off.

After figuring everything out, the team went off on Asami's new airship. While going through, Asami and the others saw Gronihag, which Asami somehow knew the name of after getting a migraine upon seeing it. As the others went down, she, Bolin and Mako remained on the airship. Eventually, Asami couldn't stand by anymore, and quickly got to work on making a self-made bow and arrow from the items she had on the ship, and shooting it through Gronihag's eye, blinding it. After that encounter, Asami Sato continued traveling with the others until they came across Yiplov at the Serpent's Pass. When they searched a cargo ship of which all members were killed, Asami went with Korra in order to search the inside. While there, Asami sensed Yiplov and soon found it within the cargo hold. While the fight between Yiplov and the others occurred, Asami was starting to get a very deep migraine, images and information going through her head during the whole affair.

Splitting up

Asami's migraine lasted for a few more days, until she became well enough to go back to the others again. Asami soon explained the idea that they should split up instead of staying together, giving them a strong plan and good explanations as to why. Asami decided to go by herself in Si Wong Desert, knowing the Voronon wouldn't attack her, and was dropped off at Si Wong Rock, being given a goodbye from Korra herself. While searching through the desert, she came across Kuvira, and soon they both teamed up to find the Voronon. That night, Asami learned of Kuvira being abandoned when she was a baby and told her that her situation was better than her own, reminding herself that her parents were both dead. Later on, Asami and Kuvira discovered the dying Awadil. She and Kuvira were given a ride back to the Misty Palms Oasis. Asami tried calling the others back but realized the radio had been tampered with, so she and Kuvira headed back to the Oasis.

After sometime at the Oasis with Kuvira, Asami got the radio fixed and called in with the team. Only then did Asami found out that Korra and Ziyou were being taken to the hospital, and they both went right to Ba Sing Se in order to see the two. While the others were doing their own thing, Asami remained at the hospital, believing that their current state was her own fault. She tried to remain calm, and when Korra and Ziyou found out about the Voronon Liunovvix in the Ba Sing Se press, Asami assured them both that they would soon be out and that she didn't want anything bad happening to either of them. However, Asami found out later on that the two had gotten out and tried her best to help them fight Liunovvix.

After leaving Ba Sing Se, she and the others arrived at the Shadow Palace along the eastern coast of the Earth Kingdom. Upon getting inside the grand palace, though, she and Kuvira started to have their migraines again, and as such, she rested nearby Umbra's crypt. While there, she became affected by Umbra's curse, regaining the knowledge about the Shadow Nation but losing the rest of her memory. As a result, she called upon Toroon and sent it after the others. During the fight though, Asami and Kuvira were frozen in place. When she did, Jinora had to pull the black smoke out of her, a process that nearly killed her but regained her original memory back. After that, it was then that Ziyou found out that she was of Shadow Nation blood.

Sometime later, Asami was actually avoided for a while by the others, alongside Kuvira. One morning, she confronted Korra about it, who confessed that she was scared of losing her. Asami assured her that she wouldn't be permanently going away so long as Korra promised to do the same. Once they landed, Asami suggested for the others to stay, so the Voronon, Armophlli, won't immediately go in a crazed rage like the other Voronon had. After some debate, Asami went with Kuvira, Jinora, and Kai to Zorka's Observatory. Upon arrival and finding Armophlli, Asami immediately tried to convince it that Kai and Jinora were not dangerous and was successful. Afterwards, Asami ventured around the area, eventually receiving a vision of a much younger Armophlli, resting by Zorka. Afterwards, Asami discovered a herd of Sky Cow going through. In the end, Asami decided to spare Armophlli, since it wasn't harming anyone and had to protect the Sky Cows. Upon the decision, Asami left with the others back to the airship.


Asami Sato has a rather large IQ when it comes to the machinery, having a naturally inventive mind. With her own guidance, she helped Varrick create the hummingbird mecha suit to life, along with various plans for the city earlier than that. She has an understandable approach towards others, and a strong heart to her friends. She does care deeply for those she holds dear, and will try her best to help when she is able to.

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