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Water Tribe



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Knives and darts


Shirou, Shinji, Takumi, Shirou's younger sister


Hotaru, Ken, Markale, The Procession, The Chancellor

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Leader of The Polar Revolution


The Polar Revolution (formerly)

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Asaki is a major character of The Avatar Rhythm Series.


Early Life

Asaki was born to unknown parents in the Water Tribe. She was brought up through "hard luck and betrayal", most likely facing many tragic events that shaped her into the person she is today. It probably had to do with the Water Tribe government, laws, and rules of order, and she must of had known people who also had been betrayed by their nation, founding The Polar Revolution at age 12. She had to have been in many crimes and rebellions before that, as when she started the group she apparently could kill a full grown man.

The Polar Revolution

Asaki found a passion in being the leader of the ruthless Polar Revolution, and kept in charge for the next five years, successfully rebelling against the Water Tribe authority and later in her career, The Procession, with only a few sightings ever. Some of the few crimes her and her group had been known for pulling off include bank robberies and stealing soldiers during the Siege of Coastal Front.
Asaki met Takumi and let him join the group several months before The Polar Revolution's downfall after he was tormented by The Procession when he had no money in the North Pole.
When Asaki went to gamble at The Ice Water Pub some weeks later, she encountered Shirou and Shinji while playing Frostbite. Shirou played and won her dagger off her. Asaki, annoyed, leaked a bit of information about The Polar Revolution out, and told the intrigued Shirou that it was a secret. Shirou agreed to play a game of Frostbite on it, betting his Venomsprout against her knowledge on The Polar Revolution, which he lost.
Later, when Asaki was leading The Polar Revolution to ambush Ken and Hotaru, she coincidentally attacked on the same day that Shirou and Shinji were, creating a large fight that she and her followers seemingly won. Shirou, however, cut Asaki's mask when they were off guard and revealed her face to him, and he made the connection that he had been attacked by The Polar Revolution. Afraid that he had figured out their identity, Asaki ordered her men to take Shirou and Shinji to their base instead, where she told them that they'd have to join their group so no one would know about them.

Befriending Shirou and Shinji

In their first week as rebels, Asaki let Shirou and Shinji operate their boats into an icy canyon where they would ambush The Procession in their Northern Headquarters, a successful mission. She escaped the base with their status reports, diving out of a window and skillfully landing on her boat below.
After Asaki sent Shirou, Shinji, and Takumi on a mission to receive Akio's Tribal Seal, she planned a strike against the port of Glacier Cove on the day The Procession was to arrive there to destroy all of their newest recruits and their airship. However, The Procession was quicker than they expected and attacked. Asaki had to save Shirou from Hotaru and some of the invading tax collectors, and Shirou returned the favor by guarding her from a building collapse, and she gave him a quick kiss. However, she lost Shirou after that to The Procession and The Polar Revolution was driven out of Glacier Cove, beaten.

After the Battle at Glacier Cove

Weeks later, she had to deal with the last of her annoyed crew, telling them to stop whining and to be the rebels that had been before. They told her that their group was falling apart, and Asaki agreed to disband The Polar Revolution after one final strike against the Water Tribe capital, using The Venomsprout.
When they struck the Royal Palace, they were quickly aided by Shirou, who gave Asaki a hug and helped her and the rebels through the palace to the throne room. However, she and the group were ambushed by The Quadrination Bandits and were separated. Asaki had to fight off Anil, then ran off with Takumi, hoping to escape The Chancellor and out into the open air. While running, Shirou spoke with her through a hole in the wall and gave her the cure to The Venomsprout's fumes, and she ran off and was attacked by The Chancellor, who used them to figure out where Shirou had gone.
After the battle, Asaki sat outside very sad about the outcome of the day. She was confronted by Shirou's sister who told her to find him and to bring him back, and told her that he deserved to run away and be free and she was glad it was her duty to bring him back in balance. Asaki, befriending her, gave her the cure to The Venomsprout and became determined on finding Shirou once she left, as it was the only time anyone had ever really believed in her and supported her with love.


As the former seventeen year old leader of The Polar Revolution, Asaki is a very hardcore trainer and is focused getting stronger and getting her crew stronger, not one for whining or stopping. She is focused and organized on her tasks but has creative ways to pull them off. This mindset of Asaki's revolving around discipline is almost never let down during battle, however, when she has time to relax she can be an entertaining and clever friend. When her goals are set off support and love, she feels confident, rather than usual when she makes all decisions off revenge and rebelling.


Dart Throwing

Darts are Asaki's main weapon that she uses in battle. She seems to keep a pack of metal darts with her at all times, some small, others large, which she throws and whips at her opponents. Most of the time she just uses the darts to pin enemies' clothing walls, so she can kill them with a knife easily, but on occasion when she is in a hurry she will throw the dart at one's body to quickly kill them. Her aim is extreme, and she uses each dart cleverly, never wasting time and effort.


Asaki also is very skilled with a knife, and she usually keeps hers in her belt at all times. She usually uses it for making the fatal blow against opponents after she's already disabled them with darts, but also has it for handy uses such as cutting rope or carving when it is necessary in a mission.


Asaki is quite the Frostbite player, and she gambles through the game, usually in the Ice Water Pub. She has been seen winning a pocketknife over the game from a muscly man and the Venomsprout from Shirou. In the Ice Water Pub, she has been known as the Polar Thief because she wins so much bets it almost seems as if she steals them, proving she has quite the Frostbite reputation.



  • The name Asaki has no apparent translation in another language, however, it may be a modification of the Japanese name Asami, which means "morning beauty".

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