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Asaji is the lover of Taketoki the Trickster King. She is a member of Team Trickster as well as a member of the upper class. Asaji is most unfortunate to be the object of the both cowardly and tightfisted Fanon:Washizu's affections (the unfortunate part being that Washizu would have been her father's age if Asaji's father still lived). Asaji has always been a kind and charitable person as well as being the conscience of Taketoki.


Unlike Taketoki who's history is generally mostly a mystery, Asaji's life up until Taketoki's death is known to all. Orphaned at a young age, Asaji became the ward of Fire Lord Yoshiaki.

It is not stated when she first met Taketoki, but there are several implications that they had been friends since childhood. Asaji never took part in any of Taketoki's tricks but would cause trouble for Washizu and his men, if not rather dramatically. If not for Washizu's disturbing affections for her, he would have never seen through Asaji's charades.

Asaji's portrayal on the stage ranges from someone who can take care of herself, to a damsel in distress. In reality, Asaji was somewhere between the two portrayals, especially when the villainous Washizu became wise to her tricks to distract him from Taketoki's endeavours.

Personal Life

Asaji went on to become Taketoki's wife. They were married for twenty-four years until Taketoki's death. During the time they were married they became the parents of two children: a son and a daughter. After Taketoki's death, Asaji faded from history and there is no known record of her death. One legend suggests that she travelled to the Spirit World to rejoin her love.

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