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As the Bell Rings
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"As the Bell Rings" is the fourth chapter of the fanon story Kyoshi Revolts.


Mina and Kaila are taken to a school for rebellious children. The school is absolutely terrible, and Mina and Kaila decide they must free the children. They make a plan for all the children to escape, but the teacher finds out about the plan through the "class snitch", and Mina and Kaila are forced to escape alone.


Mina and Kaila sit in a carriage surrounded by guards, both looking bored and uninterested. Kaila remarks at how slow the carriage is moving, to which the driver gives her a menacing growl. Finally, the carriage stops at a small, three story building. The guards then transport Mina and Kaila over to the building's front entrance, where a shrill looking women sits by a desk. She asks for Mina and Kaila's names to which Kaila states her name, while Mina states her name is Star. The lady then assigns Mina and Kaila to a classroom, and the guards drag the girls over to an open room. Kaila giggles when she sees a sign saying, "Learning is hot!", as to which the guard responds by forcibly pushing her into the room, pushing Mina in right after. Mina and Kaila then hear a harsh, loud voice telling them to "SIT DOWN!". They turn around, seeing an old, mean looking lady, to which they presume she must be the teacher.

Mina and Kaila both run to the back of the room and sit down in two available chairs, but the teacher quickly separates them, saying, "Friends are never allowed to sit together". Kaila is put in the front of the class by the "snitch", while Mina stays in the back. The teacher then gives Mina and Kaila a very long list of rules. Kaila loses interest, and starts to dose off in her seat. The other students look in fright, wondering if the teacher saw Kaila. The class snitch, however, quickly informed the teacher. Kaila expected to get sternly corrected, but instead the teacher ordered a guard, whom was sitting by the window, to strike Kaila in the face. The guard did so, and Mina looked on in terror as the guard punched Kaila hard in the jaw. Kaila woke up, terrified from the sudden surge of shock. For the rest of the class, Mina and Kaila remain quite.

Fire Nation school

The students exit the school in an orderly fashion, while Mina and Kaila talk in the background

As the bell rings, Mina and Kaila get up, but then see none of the students are also getting up. Scared of getting beaten again, the girls sit back down. After three long minutes, the teacher finally allows them to leave. The students all line up, and formally exit the school, much to Kaila and Mina's surprise. They follow the class into a cafeteria, where a group of kids ask them to sit at their table. Mina and Kaila ask the leader of the group, Jen about the school, and why the teachers are so mean, and Jen tells them all about the mean teachers, the bullies, and the ever-hated class snitch, whom Kaila bitterly remembers. This deeply upsets Mina and Kaila. They tell the kids to meet them in the cave by school after dismissal, though the kids are reluctant to disobey campus rules, Jen encourages the children to trust them.

At the cave Kaila guards the outsides from the teachers and the snitch, while Mina greets the kids and prepares for the meeting. When everyone is situated, Kaila sits down with the other students, while Mina stands on a large rock. She gives an inspirational speech at how the children are free people, and that they should not be segregated under the rule of these vicious teachers. She then informs them she is planning a large escape attempt from the school, and that it will require the work of every student. The children cheer, and all agree to help. However, the class snitch overhears the plan, and quickly runs back into campus over to the teacher's lounge, where he finds and informs the mean teacher of the plan. The teacher pats him on the head, and then leaves to take care of the children.

As Kaila resumes her guard duty, she spots the teacher heading toward the cave. She quickly informs Mina and the students. Panicking, the students run right through the entrance, revealing themselves right to the teacher. Mina and Kaila realize if they are to escape that night, they'll have to do it alone. Mina finds a piece of driftwood, and as the teacher enters the cave, Mina and Kaila dash by her, and Mina pins her to the wall her with an arrow. The two cling to the drift wood and jump off a cliff into a river. The guards attempt to find them, but the thick fog prevents them. However, they do find something interesting that Mina left behind: an Earth Kingdom coin. The guards inform the teacher of the finding, and the teacher orders a message be sent to a military official immediately that an Earth Kingdom girl has infiltrated the mainland.

Mina looks on to the school, sad and angry that she couldn't help them. As she reaches into her pockets for her mother's amulet, she realizes she has lost her special coin, and that she has revealed her true nationality.

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