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Katara and Hakoda
As a Family
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Dear diary, yesterday was the best day ever! I went on a date with my best friend and some other people.

Today, however, was a sad day.

Here's what happened:

As I was flipping through my diary from kindergarten, I stumbled upon this one article.

Dear diary, a few weeks ago, my mommy was killed. I was so sad.

The article reminded me of my mom's death. This is how she died:

When I was in kindergarten, there was a Fire Nation raid. I was so scared. My brother, Sokka, was throwing snowballs with me. When all of a sudden, we saw black snow; we knew just then that it was a Fire Nation raid.

"I'm going to find mom!" I shouted across the way to Sokka.

I ran so fast that I almost tripped. When I got to our house, there was a man. I looked up. He was a man from the Fire Nation.

The man looked at me.

"Mom, I'm scared." I said.

"Go find your dad, sweetie; I can handle this." my mom assured me.

I just stood there; thinking of the worst that could happen. I wanted to run, but my legs wouldn't move.

I wanted Sokka; I wanted my dad; but most of all, I wanted my mom. I began to cry.

"You heard your mother, get out of here!" said the man's cold voice.

I ran to get my dad.

"DAD!" I screamed.

"There's a man in our house; I think mom's in trouble!"

"Kya!" my dad said.

We ran as fast as we could.

But when we got here, the man was gone and so was she.

Even as a little kid, I knew my mother was dead.

Just thinking about it makes me want to cry.

"Are you okay?" said a familiar voice.

"Dad, Sokka!" I cried

I gave Sokka and my father a hug.

I knew even without a mother, I had a brother and a father who cared about me.

And that was just what I needed.

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