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This fanon has been discontinued, but is still available to read for your enjoyment.

As We Fall
One comet, four stories
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A Quick Note

This is my first fanon here, and while I haven't been around this wiki lately and I certainly haven't read all of the fanon stories; I haven't yet come across a fanon that has the same idea as me. (If your fanon does, I swear I didn't see it) I've had the idea to do a fanon like this for a while, and I've finally made it. Now, without further ado, here's the fanon page!


The world was forever impacted the night of Sozin's attack. While the Air Nomad's loss was clearest, the other four nations were impacted as well. If the Air Nomad Genocide was a stone thrown in a pond, this is the story of the ripples that spread. This is the story of eight characters, two from each nation, as they fall.

This story follows the lives of people in each nation during and after Sozin's attack on the Air Nomads. Via and Wei, both 12 year old Air Nomads, struggle to survive and hide from the Fire Nation while still dealing with the loss of their culture. Kaori, a 16 year old Northern Water Tribe lady, is in love with Aiko, the Chief's son; but one secret could keep them apart. Emi, a 15 year old Earth Nation citizen, deals with the Fire Nation's growing presence in the Earth Kingdom. Zeno, an 18 year old Fire Nation soldier, finds hiself doubting the Fire Nation for the first time.

The stories will connect in some ways, but won't always be on the same timeline. For example, the Earth section could be a week ahead of the Water section in the same chapter. This happens mainly because it wouldn't fit each section to have all of them skip ahead a week at the same time.


I'm not going to post that much information about each character, because most will be revealed as the story progresses, and I don't want to ruin the surprise. Still, there will be spoilers here if you haven't read the first chapter. I'm working on character pages, but these will do for now.


Age: 12

Nation: Air

Appearance: Long and dark brown hair

Friends/Family: Wei (Best friend)

Other information: Although Via used to live in the Eastern Air Temple, she is now on the run from the Fire Nation with her friend and fellow airbender Wei, after they just barely escaped the Fire Nation's attack on the temple.


Age: 12

Nation: Air

Friends/Family: Via (Best friend)

Other information: Although Wei used to live in the Eastern Air Temple, she is now on the run from the Fire Nation with her friend and fellow airbender Via, after they just barely escaped the Fire Nation's attack on the temple.


Age: 16

Nation: Water

Friends/Family: Arika (friend), Aiko (Boyfriend), mother, father

Other information: Kaori was raised with the standard traditions of the Northern Water Tribe to act like the perfect Water Tribe lady. Her father is on the council that advises the chief, so she has always had to keep up appearances. She has kept her relationship with Aiko a secret even from Arika, not wanting the attention.


Age: 16

Nation: Water

Friends/Family: Kaori (friend), Aiko (twin brother), Chief (her dad)

Other information: The chief's daughter, Arika was also raised to follow all of the Northern Water Tribe traditions. While her twin brother Aiko usually gets more attention than her, she doesn't mind, preferring to talk to Kaori anyway. She gets along well with Aiko. She's also a waterbender, and is currently learning how to heal.


Age: 16

Nation: Water

Friends/Family: Arika (twin sister), Kaori (Girlfriend), Chief (his dad)

Other information: Aiko is an accomplished waterbender, and the Chief's son. He has a twin sister, Arika. He's been seeing Kaori secretly, and wants to marry her.


Age: 15

Nation: Earth

Appearance: Short black hair, lighter green eyes

Friends/Family: Mei (sister)

Other information: When Emi's parents died, her sister Mei stepped up and took care of Emi. When the Fire Nation took over Emi's village to make a colony, Mei was captured, and Emi wants nothing more than to rescue her. Emi is an earthbender.


Age: 17

Nation: Earth

Friends/Family: Emi (sister)

Appearance: Waist-length black hair, dark green eyes

Other information: Mei has always watched out for Emi, but when their parents died she vowed never to let anything hurt Emi. When the Fire Nation took over their village Mei was captured.


Age: 18

Nation: Fire

Friends/Family: Mom, dad, little brother

Appearance: Still being thought of

Other information: A good firebender, Zeno loved being in the Fire Nation army and getting to serve his nation. After the comet, now he's not so sure about the Fire Nation's greatness.


Age: 19

Nation: Fire

Friends/Family: None

Appearance:Short black hair, pale-ish skin

Other information: Also a good Firebender, Ryu enjoyed being in the Fire Nation army too. An only child, both of his parents died. But how?


Chapter One: The Great Comet

Chapter Two: Ashes

Chapter Three: Run

Chapter Four: Gone

Chapter Five: Trapped


IMPORTANT: If you would like to be an editor, just ask. The only requirement is that you read the chapters written so far in this fanon before asking.

Next Chapter: 90%-- So help me, I will not let this go inactive. It just needs a bit of editing, and then it will be good to go.

Character pages

I'm currently working on making character pages.

Character pictures: 90% completed

Character histories: 5% completed

Character infoboxes: 12% completed

Completely completed pages: None. Dang procrastination...


Please add your username here if you would like to suscribe, and be messaged every time a chapter comes out. Because I'm such an irresponsible writer there is no set schedule as to when chapters are posted, this is probably the easiest way to keep up with this fanon.


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