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Mo Ce Mongoose Lizard Traded

Teino, Mo Ce's earthbender, has been traded to the Ember Island Eel Hounds. He will make 100, 000 yuans by the end of the deal leaving Mo Ce without a backup bender. The Mongoose Lizards are forced to forfeit due to Teino's resignation. Everyone who is scheduled to play them will automatically advance to the next stage, luckily.

A Legend Retires

Lani and Kotai have announced after their defeat in round one that they are retiring. Lani says that her "time has moved on from the pro-bending world" and that she wants "to settle down and have a family". On the other hand, Kotai will open up a pro-bending training center two blocks east of the Harmony Tower. He claims that he "might never give up the art of pro-bending" and though he's "too old" to be a pro-bender, he can always "train the next generation to revolutionize the pro-bending world".

No one will forget how Kotai, by himself, knocked out a whole team to win the professional championships. Lani's tiebreaking victory will be in the memories of many when she won the quintuplet tiebreaking round to get the final spot in becoming a pro.

Many argue if they deserve to be inducted into the Pro-Bending Hall of Fame but they're scheduled the day after the tournament to have their pictures put up. With an even amount of yes and no's there will be a city-wide vote they deserve it or not. The final count for the votes is scheduled on September 14th, 2012 so make sure you put in your opinion on the first issue of the Avatar Wiki:Republic City Journal.

Controversy over referee's calls

In round two of the match between the Gaipan Goat Dogs and the Pygmi Pumas the Pumas had an idea that they should gang up on each player until they fall off the ring, one by one. That idea was quickly terminated but given the wrong consequences. The official, named Hato, gave a yellow fan to the players instead of a one-zone penalty. The tournament rules say that you cannot give a yellow fan for that misconduct but the rules also say that if the referee judges wrong and the head referee doesn't intervene by the end of the round, the match goes on. Hato stated that he "felt as though the team didn't deserve a one-zone penalty due to the fact that they didn't know that it was an illegal action". Many blame the board of referees for not pausing the match to enforce the one-zone consequence.

There was another fault in the referee's performance that night. Earlier in round two, Senlin of the Pumas had stepped over the line into the Dogs' territory. Hato deliberately let the rule being broken slide right past causing an uproar in the crowd.

In another interview he said he "isn't perfect and can't call everything". Although most people think he's lying, there's technically no evidence that he prefers the Pygmi Pumas over the Goat Dogs but was still fired a few hours later. These mistakes were the reason why the Pumas knocked out the Goat Dogs and have changed the whole tournament.

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