Transcript of Fanon:Arrowhead (chapter) (The Legend of James)
Bloom Earth. Fire. Air. Water. Three hundred years ago, Avatar Korra saved the world from Amon and his non-bender rebellion. The World waited for a new Avatar in the Earth Kingdom three hundred years, but that Avatar never appeared. People started thinking that Avatar's mission was over, until my twin brother James was told he was the Avatar, and he had to protect the World.

The episode opens in the Metalbending Police Headquarters, where James is sitting on his cell. Suddenly, he feels someone moving next to him.
James Who's there?!
Mysterious guy Shhhhh rookie.
James I'm old enough to destroy you.
Mysterious guy Hey hey hey, I'm sure you don't want me as your enemy.
James We will see that.
Mysterious guy Rookie, when will you learn that in prison you have to keep your mouth shut?
James Once I'm done with you..
Mysterious guy [Raises his hands in the air mocking surrender.] Go ahead, destroy me.
James [Clenches his fists, but then puts his hands back down.] I... I can't.
Mysterious guy [Smirks.] Knew it. You, rookie, aren't the fighting type, at all. And let me tell you, that shows.
James [Looks down. He was right.] You did nothing to me... I have no reason to be hostile against you.
Mysterious guy That could be a great learning, rookie... If you could face at least one person in this world.
James What are you implying?
Mysterious guy You, [points at James' chest,]] don't have the will or the heart to touch a butterfly.
James I'm a waterbender!
Mysterious guy Healer? Tell me how many times have you attacked someone...
James A lot! Bloom for ex-
Mysterious guy [Interrupts him.] Training doesn't count.
James [Looks down.] None...
Mysterious guy See? I don't even know your name or where you come from, but from your attitude, I could tell you're a complete pacifist... And that, my dear rookie, is no good in prison. Anywho, I'm Arrowhead.
James I'm James. That's your last name?
Arrowhead No, that's all you need to know.
James Is everyone around here this mysterious?
Arrowhead Trust me, no one will try to negotiate or make friends with you here.
James And you?
Arrowhead Rookie, rookie, rookie... I'm not your friend. Cell partner, yes. Maybe you can even consider me an ally. But friends? No. I don't make friends.
James You guys are weird.
Arrowhead Your naïveness makes me chuckle, rookie. I like you.
James Thank you... I guess [shrugs.]
Arrowhead Not everyone around here is sociable... We're not the sociable type... Well, the real criminals aren't. Like you and I.
James How do you know I'm not a criminal?
Arrowhead I already explained you. You. Don't. Have. The. Attitude.
James And you do?
Arrowhead Only when I have to. And that's part of having it.
James Wait... You said you aren't a criminal.. Right?
Arrowhead You listen. That's good. And yes, I'm not. Yet I'm not here by mistake. When I was fifteen, some thief tried to steal my bow, so I just stabbed him with one of my arrows. Since then, I've been here, waiting till my time comes.
James So you just gave up?
Arrowhead What else can I do? My parents are probably dead by now. This cops took my weapon away. The benders don't do anything and the so-called Avatar... He doesn't exist anymore.
James [Looks down.] How do you know that?
Arrowhead Cause he's been missing! Since Avatar Korra died, there's been absolutely no register of the Avatar in 300 years!
James What if he was just born in the wrong place?
Arrowhead What? Why would that happen? It's always worked perfectly, according to the legends and stuff.
James Well... I don't know why... I wish I did. But, maybe... Maybe he was born in another nation.
Arrowhead So you coming up with a story that tells me that we need to have hope in some random Firebender?
James I never said Fire...
Arrowhead To me, the Avatar is dead, his long lovely story is over, and it's final. I don't think benders of any kind, even less this Avatar you suggest exists right now, will save us from the world of insecurity and unfairness we're having.
James That's a sad way of seeing it [He looks away sadly.]
Arrowhead No Avatar can do anything rookie. Yet, you seem useful to get out of here. You help me get out of here and then I find some way to pay you back. Deal?
James How? [He shrugs. He had lost hope in himself, which hadn't been any big honestly.]
Arrowhead I'm nineteen, yet you are younger. You are still agile enough to help me do something. Plus, you are a waterbender.
James Does that change anything?
Arrowhead Of course it does, rookie.
The scene changes radically to the Fire Lord's room, where the Fire Lord Kuzo and his right-hand-man Haori are walking around.
Kuzo So Haori, as I was telling you, I know you don't like me talking about how we are definitely better than the other people, of course, but I am the Fire Lord, right? I roll the dice here.
Haori [Nods.] Yes sir, always.
Kuzo [Smiles bitterly.] As my father always said, one day we will come to a point where the world will be dominated by only Firebenders. You knew him better than I did, right?
Haori Y-yes sir. [He nods approvingly]
Kuzo I'm always right. [Smirks, loving every inch of fear the old man was showing.] Now that we don't have any Avatar or traitor around my palace, we can let the story, move on. Sozin made a wise move by killing the Air Nomads first. But he failed. He failed because one of them escaped, and not a simple one. No, no. He let the Avatar live for 100 years!!! That's not happening again. First, because there is no Avatar. And second, because if there were... I will kill them with my own hands. I will see them burn under my feet, as the loyal and pure Firebenders shout my name! LONG LIVE FIRE LORD KUZO!
Haori shivers at the sole thought. He knew what Kuzo was capable of.
Kuzo Doesn't it sound brilliant? So perfectly structured.
Haori Sir if I can talk...
Kuzo You can't Haori. You can't talk. You know what happens when someone says something out of place. You were my master, I wouldn't like to kill you... You wouldn't like it either. Am I right? No, wait, don't answer. I already know it. I am always right.
Haori simply nods, terrified of the one who once was his young apprentice.
Kuzo And if something fails... I will make sure I'll find and kill the responsible one.
Haori Sir... What... What if that one is... Yourself?
Kuzo What did you just say?! [He faces the old man, who's trembling, bent on his knees.] Me?! Failing?! Have I ever failed?! No!! I'm pure, I'm a Firebender... Bah, I'm THE FIRE LORD, the Lord of the Firebenders, and that, you old pile of rubbish, makes me the most important man, and by consequence, I don't make mistakes.
Haori I-I-I'm sorry Sir.
Kuzo You better be!!! Now, stay on the floor. Don't you dare to move... Anyway, those knees won't get you anywhere. [He pushes Haori to the floor.] You're now old and weak, you are close to impurity Haori. I've been saving your life since you stopped being agile. But if you make me mad again, I won't doubt in catch you on fire. okay?
Haori nods, his eyes tearing up from the pain.
Kuzo If you're lucky enough, someone will come pick you up. [He shrugs and walks away.]
Bloom finds herself locked in a cage full of rats, after dozing off to sleep during the interrogation with the Pirate. She studies the cage all around and finds enough water to break the thin metal bars that hold her. As soon as she steps out of the cage, she hears the Pirate clearing his throat behind her back.
Earth Kingdom Pirate What do you think you're doing pretty girl?
Bloom C'mon don't act silly. It's obvious I'm trying to escape!
Earth Kingdom Pirate Too honest babe, now you will learn the hard way how to obey.
The pirate takes her by her wrists, lifts her up in the air and throws her roughly inside a resistant metallic safe.
Earth Kingdom Pirate We were saving that safe for our biggest treasure. And by now baby, that's you. [He spits inside the safe before locking the door and walking away.]
Bloom [Thinking:] They will have to keep me fed. They need me alive. There should be some way to keep me fed, without opening the safe. [She starts knocking slowly around the base of the safe, until she finds a little trapdoor, where a food tray would fit perfectly. And also, water.]
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