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Avatar: The Legend of James


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James, is imprisoned by the Metalbender cops in Republic City, because he was
Police headquarters

The Police Headquarters, where James and Arrowhead are imprisoned

mistaken with a murderer. While in prison, he meets a non-bender archer who stabbed a thief, nicknamed "Arrowhead". Meanwhile, Bloom tries to stay alive in the hostile conditions of the Earth Kingdom pirate ship.


James sits down in the cage in prison. Squizzer was taken away by the cops. In the shadows he saw a man figure. When he appeared, James was exalted. The guy was a non-bender archer nicknamed "Arrowhead", who was imprisoned because he shot a thief. James made friends with him and they started planning how to escape the prison. Fire Lord Kuzo was walking around his room in the Palace, with his right-hand man, Haori, planning how to destroy the other nations, starting with the Air Nomads. Meanwhile, Bloom is in a cage full of rats in the Pirates ship and tries to escape, but she is found by the Pirates. She is later put in a stronger cage, which is practically impossible to escape, but Bloom starts analyzing it, trying to find a weak point in it.


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