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The group had left Ganao just a couple of hours ago. They could now see the great wall in the distance. They could also see the huge gap of the wall. The group then flew closer to the wall. Suddenly, six bright circles could be seen flying up from the wall. The team starred at it for minutes, until noticing it was actually a fireball. Azula then stood up and shoot lightning bolts at the fireballs. Appa then flew down because he was not able to see in all of the debris. The fireballs continued aiming toward the team. Appa was nervous and scared and kept flying into different directions. The fireballs thundered through the sky, as if they were playing dodgeball. Appa, was about to fall out of the sky. Aang looked at Appa and felt deep surrow for everything he had to go through. For a moment, the fireballs stopped and Appa continued straight into the city. As he flew over the great wall, a large boulder with fire shot at Appa. It hit Appa and servely injured him.

Tears shot from Appa's eyes and Katara trying to heal him as he flew into the city. However, Appa was too injured from the fire boulder and collapsed in mid-air. The group screamed and yelled. They flew down directly into a poor and small street at the lower-ring of the city. When they fell. A cloud of debris hid Appa. A crowd of royal guards surrounded the debris cloud and earthbended at the cloud. That was when Aang and Zuko jumped from the cloud and together fought the guards. Also creating a fire shield around the cloud. Katara, Azula, and Toph also came out from the cloud and fought the soldiers.

When the royal guards were defeated, they still looked up and saw that it was the Avatar and his allies, they begged for forgiveness and apologized for nearly killing them. The debris cloud then disappeared and the injured Appa could be seen on the floor, with a large bloody circle on his side. "We are sorry about your bison, and the entire shooting-you-down thing" emerged a man with an Earth Kingdom general uniform on. "Hello Avatar, and his friends, my name is General Shio" said the General. "Hello, general, well I'd like for you to explain this entire shoting-down thing with the Earth King Kuei at his palace," said Aang. "Very well then, we shall converse at the palace with the king. However, what is this enemy Princess doing with the team." responded the General. "She is traveling with us, and has changed her evil ways. She is a member of the team," said Zuko.

"I'll take your word, Fire Lord Zuko" the General. They walked up to the palace. They opened Kuei's fancy door. The team could see the King and his new advisor, Di Yang. "Greetings Avatar." shouted Kuei. "Greetings Fire Lord" he greeted Zuko.

"Hello your majesty" replied Fire Lord Zuko and the rest of the group. "Well, what brings the Avatar and the Fire Lord to Ba Sing Se" asked the King. "Well your majesty, a rebel group called the "Saviors of Fire" has risen to try to overthrow and murder Zuko. Unfortunally, they have captured the Fire Nation Capital and have a headquarters at Zu Sing" said Katara. "Zu Sing Se, that island is just of the northern coast of Ba Sing Se's wall. So that's were the attacks have been coming from," said Kuei. "That's why we came to Ba Sing Se, to warn you. We also warned Ganao and Omashu" said Toph. "Wait a minute, what "attacks"?" asked Aang. "Well, the attacks coming at the wall from some unknown origin army" said Kuei.

"Wait a minute, how big was the army" asked Aang. Kuei then asked the same question to General Shio. "Well it was the size of a nation's full army" said Shio. "That's impossible for the Saviors to have an army that big!" said Azula. "Wait a minute" said Sokka. "There's only one unfortunate conclusion to this" he said. He looked at everyone with a large frown. "It means, that Zuko's loyalists were brain-washed into thinking they were Saviors" said Sokka. "(Sigh) My nation, my nation's honor, my father, his shame, There'll all colliding before my eyes" said Zuko.

"That means that there's only one thing to do" yelled Zuko. "To fight!!!!!!!" yelled Azula. "For the glory of the Fire Nation and Earth Kingdom" shouted the Team. "Yes, and Shio, and the Earth military will aid" shouted the Earth King in a moment of "glory". The Team Avtaar at the King who looked over-powered, and began to laugh. However they got over it in a few seconds.

They then went to eat some lunch at a restaurant. When returning, they would go and converse more with the King. However, in the distant horizon, a fleet of large Fire Nation airships was heading toward to city.

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