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Royalty and Loyalty

Kenji lay on top of the bunk bed in his room, sleep eluding him as it always did. He was fifteen years old now, no longer the little boy who listened to his mother's singing or his father's tales before he could sleep. He had never been to the city before, he had never thought he would have to. However, five years of tracking his sister across the globe had taken him almost everywhere: Ba Sing Se, the North Pole, the South Pole, Omashu, Kyoshi Island and even the Fire Nation Capital. The only place left was Republic City.

He climbed down from the bed and put his feet on the ground. Ugh, even when I'm standing the rocking back and forth is worse, he thought. He was not so fond of travelling by sea, but other than the occasional nauseous feelings, he never got seasick. He turned around and moved silently, so as to not wake the sleeping passengers. He reached the wooden door and opened it, hoping it would not creak. He slipped out and climbed to the sky deck, where the view was simply outstanding. They had almost reached the city, and the view of lights and skyscrapers was like nothing he had ever seen before. However the best was yet to come; to the east was a giant statue of the Avatar wielding his staff. This made Kenji think; perhaps his father's tales about the Avatar were not so far fetched after all.

Tenzin used his air scooter to escape his sister who was hot on his trail. In hindsight, he wished he hadn't had told her that she had their mother's sense of humor. They resided in the Royal Family's guest house in the city, the fifth largest skyscraper in the city, a giant Fire Nation insignia on the front. Way too obvious, thought Tenzin when he saw it for the first time.

"Gotcha!" he was snapped back to reality as his sister Xue appeared in front of him. She bended the water from the atmosphere and used it to trap Tenzin in an ice prism.

"Okay, okay I take it back. You have a pretty good sense of humor." He banged on the purely frozen ice and his sister crossed her arms. She rolled her eyes and sighed as she bent the ice back to water; she forced it into Tenzin's mouth, and froze his tongue.

"Whu di yuo teeze mi kong?" *Why did you freeze my tongue?* Tenzin asked as he used his airbending to try and thaw it out.

"Just so next time you'd learn not to slip it." She left her brother and walked through the sixth living room where she saw her cousin and Lu Ten discussing something she had never heard of.

"So are you sure your cousin will agree to this?" Lu Ten asked.

"Of course she will, it was Tenzin's plan anyway and besides she's the only Waterbender we've got," Li Yong replied.

"Then why did Tenzin ask you to be a spokesman?" Lu Ten sat back and crossed his arms.

"We made a deal okay?"

"And what is this deal and what is this that I'm not agreeing too?" Xue broke their conversation and got their attention.

"What deal? We were only talking about Lu Ten's swordsmanship skills," Li Yong replied, trying to cover up their earlier conversation.

"And I'm supposed to believe that? Really?" She folded her arms and stared at the two.

"Forget it Li, just tell her," Lu Ten nudged him.

"Tell me what?"

"Okay, Xue. Have you ever heard of... pro-bending?"

Kenji got off the boat and smelt the fresh morning air. He estimated it was about 6am, a perfect time to start searching the city. However, his stomach growled extremely loudly and he remembered he hadn't eaten anything throughout the journey by sea.

"Looks like my first stop will have to be the market," he said. He walked past the harbor, enjoying the view of the city as he tried to find the market district by himself. After a shortcut through the park and a long excruciating walk around the city, a whiff of one of his favorite teas rejuvenated him. He ran down the cemented sidewalk to a little wooden shop where numerous items were for sale.

There he saw it. His favorite instant jasmine tea, ready to be made with just a little application of hot water. He had developed a craving for tea during his two-year stay training and working with Iroh. He was in luck, it was the last one left. He grabbed the bag but it wouldn't move. He dragged it harder, before realizing someone else on the other side must also be holding on to it. With one last attempt he forcefully dragged it through and got it. Before he had time to savour the moment, a bald boy about his height confronted him.

"Hey, that's mine," he said, "give it back."

"Sorry, I took it first, it's mine," Kenji replied.

"No, it's not. I'm telling you to give it back!"

"Oh really? And just who are you might I ask?" Kenji smirked.

"I am Tenzin! Son of Avatar Aang!"

"And I am Kenji! Prince of Ba Sing Se!" he said sarcastically. He put the tea in his bag and met the shop owner for payment, along with a huge piece of meat.

"Tenzin, just forget about the tea. We have other things to do today." This came from a young, female earthbender. She had been quiet throughout the whole shuffle.

"You don't get it Lin, it's not about the tea anymore. No one insults me like that!" He caught up with Kenji and tapped his shoulder. "Excuse me, but..." Kenji didn't let him finish. He grabbed Tenzin's arm and twisted his ankle, then shoved him a far distance with a simple push.

"Hey!" Tenzin rushed at him and jumped to kick him in the face. Kenji saw this coming and caught Tenzin's foot with his right hand, and held the seventy eight pound boy with one hand.

"You shouldn't have done that," Kenji replied. He slammed Tenzin to the ground and tossed him aside with a single throw. The young earthbender saw it was time to intervene. She slammed her fists to the ground and threw four large rocks at Kenji. Kenji dodged them with ease, and Lin responded by rupturing the earth, causing a giant fist to rise. With a simple double back flip, Kenji dodged the fist, landing on one foot.

"I'd love to continue this shuffle but I have better things to do than fight with a little girl". He turned and walked away, leaving Lin and Tenzin to wonder who the mysterious stranger was.

Xue walked by the port. The city was so huge and foreign, it was nothing like home, the Southern Water Tribe, where she had been born. The cold weather, the white snow and even the penguin sleding. She pushed the thought from her head, and snapped her mind back to the matter at hand. Tenzin, Lu Ten, Lin and even Li Yong wanted her to be the waterbender in the pro-bending tournament to get their names to the top, besides the monetary benefits. She disliked violence and fighting for entertainment's sake, and she had never had to waterbend against an opponent before. Yet she was their only waterbender, and the rules stated that their must be a bender from all four bending arts. She was brought back to reality when she was confronted by two men in dark hoods. The first stood directly in front of her, whilst the other watched from behind.

"Excuse me," the man in her front asked, "Are you Xue, daughter of Avatar Aang?"

"Yes I am, is there a problem?" The one behind her smirked.

"Please follow us, your attention is needed urgently."

"Follow you where?" she asked, raising an eyebrow.

"You will find out when we get there," the man in her front stated, and dragged her by the hand.

"I'm not going anywhere until you tell me what is going on!" She released herself from his grip and demanded an explanation.

"Looks like we are going to have to do this the hard way." The man behind her landed fast quick punches to her waist and abdomen and she limply fell to the ground. He used Chi blocking she thought, I can't move!

"Come on, let's get her out of here Qin." The one who had landed the punches urged his partner to take Xue away.

"That was unnecessary Tai, we don't want to attract anyone's attention." As Qin and Tai moved to lift Xue, they were interrupted by three fast arrows which nearly took off their heads. They spotted the young archer, standing on the head of a statue.

"Stay away from the girl if you know what's good for you," he commanded, shooting two more arrows which caused Qin and Tai to leap in different directions.

"Tai take care of this rogue would you," Qin barked. Tai rushed at the boy with a double somersault in the air. The archer took his aim and fired another arrow straight at him. Tai shifted his weight at the last second and the arrow skimmed his side.

"Missed!" Tai yelled once the arrow had passed his side.

"Check again," the stranger said, smiling.

With a closer look, Tai couldn't believe what he saw covering the arrowhead. Blasting jelly with a fuse? Before he realized what happened, the arrow exploded sending him flying towards the archer. Before Tai could collide with him, the archer delivered a stunning punch to the assailant, knocking him to the ground.

"TAI!" Qin yelled. Angered, he rushed after the boy who had dispatched his partner. All out of arrows, and I can't let a chi blocker get too close to deliver his punches, he thought. The mysterious boy inhaled heavily, then exhaled a stream of flames from his mouth which pushed his opponent backward. Qin struggled to get to his feet, but his face turned blue once he saw the young boy with lightning charged at his fingertips.

"You have two options," the boy said. "Flee with your partner or die on the spot." Qin wasted no time at all; he carried his unconscious partner off the ground and began walking away.

"Mark my words, we will meet again, and when that day comes, I will defeat you. No one can stop the Equalists." He took for his heels after making his statement. The young boy directed the charged lightning into the ocean and hopped down from the statue. Xue had watched the whole match and was slowly regaining her ability to move. She sat up as the boy approached her.

"Are you alright?" he asked.

"I'm fine, thanks to you. But I still can't move my feet." she replied.

"Don't worry, I'll help you out." He bent low and she wrapped her arms around his neck, lifting herself onto the stranger's back.

"Thank you, so much. My name is Xue, what's yours?" she asked as he began walking down the road.

"My name is Kenji" he stated. "Why were those men after you?" he asked.

"I have no idea, but I think they call themselves the Equalists, I hear they are an anti-bender society."

"I see". He stated.

"So, who exactly are you, where do you live and why did you help me?" she inquired.

"I told you, my name is Kenji. I live wherever I deem fit," he said lackadaisically. "As for why I helped you, you remind me of someone, someone very special. Someone I am looking for."

Kenji let Xue off his back once they reached the Royal Family mansion in the city. She was able to stand on her own again, despite a slightly numb feeling in her legs.

"Thanks Kenji, if you ever need a favor I owe you one." Kenji nodded and watched as Xue entered the building. Xue walked up the stairs into the main living room where she was confronted by her brother.

"Where have you been? And what have you been doing?" he asked. Xue responded with a slight grin.

"I met someone and we hanged out".

"You were hanging out with someone you met?" he raised a brow.

"Well, yes. I can tell he is a very special someone".

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