Arrival at Omashu
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Chapter 10: Arrival at Omashu

Today, we woke up and immediately got on Areno and began flying.

"How much longer till Omashu?" Takeshi asked.

"An hour and a half at the most," I replied. On the way, we talked more about the impact of the outbreak.

"In the Northern Tribe, there are some men guarding the Spirit Oasis. When the outbreak reached home, my parents got concerned that if the zombies bit Tui or La, it would mean crisis in the Spirit World. I hope that the spirits are safe," Takeshi said.

"That's terrible. Avatar Roku came to me in a vision saying that if I were bitten, then, it's chaos. I have to be careful whether I'm in the Avatar State or not. If I'm bitten, the cycle will end permanently and I will die rather than reanimate," I said.

"Being the Avatar is really risky," Aika commented.

"That's true," I said. Finally, we arrived at Omashu.

"Omashu, the Avatar is here to destroy the plant that's been plaguing this world," I said.

Author's Note

Even the spirits are at risk of being bitten, am I right?

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