Kyoshi Island
Arrival at Kyoshi Island
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The Beginning of a New Adventure

This is wrong. Suki thought as she walked down the dark hallway of Team Avatar's house in Ba Sing Se. Earth King Kuei had been nice enough to repair it after the city's near-destruction over two years ago. Suki slipped the letter she had wrote to her friends on the table in the dining room and proceeded to exit the house.

The letter read: Dear, Friends, I am sorry, but I must leave you for the time being. After giving it some thought, I have decided to return to Kyoshi Island for a couple of months. It's not that I am tired of being around you guys; I just really miss my home and need to spend some time there. Sokka, I am sorry for not telling you before; this has been an internal conflict of mine ever since the day the War ended. Although, I am really grateful for the time you took me home for our anniversary, it was not long enough; not to mention it was a long time ago. Aang, Katara, Toph, Zuko, Ai, Momo, Appa, and Iroh, I will miss you all terribly, and Sokka, I love you and will miss you the most of all. Rest assured, I will return. Sincerely, your friend Suki.

Suki had left the house and gazed up at the mystical, elegant, Ba Sing Se night sky. Suddenly, she heard a voice. "How are you planning to go back home? Are you going to take a train?" Sokka asked his girlfriend.

Suki spun around and was surprised to see the love of her live awake at this hour. "Sokka, I will find a way," Suki assured him. "I'm sorry to leave like this but-"

"You were not even going to say goodbye to our faces? You just wrote this huge decision in a letter?" Sokka asked, hurt.

"Sokka, it's just too painful for me to say goodbye to any of you," Suki defended herself. "I thought you would understand that I need to go back to Kyoshi Island!"

Sokka was unsure of what to say next. "I'm sorry. It is just really hard to see you leave without any idea of when you are coming back," he apologized.

"I know, Sokka. I am going to miss everyone; especially you. But you need to understand I have to do this," Suki repeated herself.

Sokka nodded. He and Suki moved closer together and the two shared a romantic kiss under the moonlight. "I will take you," Sokka offered. "You won't get far without Appa." Suki nodded and the two of them walked to the back of the house where Appa slept. Suki petted Appa's side in order to wake him up peacefully. She and Sokka then mounted Appa and prepared to fly. "Yip, yip," Sokka commanded. And with that, they were flying.

"All of these years we have spent preparing will finally pay off today," a man said. He wore a hooded, green robe and had short, spiky, black hair. He also had a thin mustache that ran down his lip.

"Tai Kun, where shall we strike first?" asked yet another man. He had long, spiky hair that was sticking up in the back of his head, and was dressed in Fire Nation body armor.

"We cannot strike a major city yet. We must first conquer a small, yet formidable Earth Kingdom village in order to demonstrate our power," the man known as Tai Kun explained.

"Where then, Tai Kun?" asked a woman, dressed in Air Nomad robes. She also had flowing black hair running down the back of her head but was mostly bald on top.

"We are going to Kyoshi Island." Tai Kun answered the woman's question.

"Of all places, we end up going to Kyoshi Island."

"I know you have a rather bad history with the island's inhabitants but you should be pleased that you are returning to bring about it's destruction," Tai Kun spoke to a man with a ponytail, a purple kimono-like tunic, and a newly-formed beard running straight down his chin. The man smiled and rubbed the scar on his back.

The sun was rising and Suki and Sokka had finally reached Kyoshi Island. As the couple dismounted, they were greeted by Oyaji. "Suki! Sokka! It is so nice to see both of you again," he said.

"Hi, Oyaji. It's nice to see you too," Suki replied.

"I'm sure the others will be hap-"

Oyaji was then shoved out of the way and knocked over by a very happy Ty Lee. "Hey, guys! It's really been a while since we have seen each other! How long are you guys staying?"

"I'm staying for the next few months. Sokka is leaving in a minute," Suki answered.

"Oh, but what about your other friends?" Ty Lee asked.

"They are staying in Ba Sing Se," Suki informed her friend.

"Oh. Well, at least you are here! Tell the others I said hi, okay, Sokka?"

"I'll do that, Ty Lee."

Oyaji had gotten back on his feet and had brushed the dirt off of his kimono. "You picked a rather busy time of the year to come back, Suki. The tourists are always crazy around this time of the year."

Suki remembered every year in the spring; there were the insane tourists from around the Earth Kingdom and the Northern Water Tribe. With the War still going on at the time, there had been no Fire Nation visitors but there were some now which made Suki happy. She was happy to allow people from around the world see the beauty of her home.

"Well, I guess I should be going now," Sokka spoke up.

"Yeah," Suki said, sadly. She took the opportunity to comfort her boyfriend before he departed. "I will be back, Sokka," she reminded him.

"I know you will, but not seeing you every day will be so hard for me."

Suki silenced Sokka by pulling him in and sharing one long, last kiss. "I'll write every day," she whispered. Ty Lee was teary-eyed now. She was overcome by the powerful emotions at work here.

Sokka then got back on Appa and took one last look at his girlfriend. "Yip, yip, Appa." And with that, Appa and Sokka were both in the air and soon faded to nothing.

Suki and Ty Lee entered the dojo in which Suki had not been in for so long. All of her fellow warriors saw her and quickly ran to her, excited to see their friend and leader. "Hey, everyone. I'm really happy to see all of you and I promise we will get back to training as soon as-" Suki saw a face she did not recognize in the back of the group. "Who is that?" she questioned. Ty Lee spoke up after this question was asked.

"That is Ning. She just joined the group a couple of months ago and she is really a natural at this stuff." Ning shrunk her head down, shyly.

"Well, everyone get back to practicing your chi blocking forms. Ty Lee is in charge until I get back," Suki announced. She left the dojo and wandered around the village. She kept walking until she saw a boy who looked about seventeen. He was dressed in Water Tribe attire and had a wolf tail top-knot. "Sokka, what are you doing here?" she asked as she ran up to him and spun him around. Suki was embarrassed to see that she had bothered a tourist who simply looked like Sokka.

"Sokka? You mean that kid whose dad is the leader of my tribe?" the boy asked.

"Uh, yeah. I am sorry for bothering you," Suki apologized.

"No problem. Hey, are you from here? I need someone to show me around."

"Did you come with anybody?"

"No. I came here alone. My parents are back in the Southern Tribe."

"I will show you around," Suki volunteered.

"Really? Thanks! By the way, my name is Bo," the boy said, introducing himself.

"Nice to meet you, Bo. My name is Suki."

"Tai Kun, I have readied the troops," the man known as Kang Dae informed his superior. Tai Kun arose from his seat and stared off into the distance. "And so it shall begin."

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