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Avatar Kyoshi and her boat landed at the Fire Nation Dock. The dock normally wasn't very lively but today was a special day. Today was the day the Fire Nation got to meet the Avatar. As you could expect there was a big "HELLO AVATAR KYOSHI" banner. When she stepped out she was amazed. There were so many people. And they were all there because of her. Her. Just for her.

"Avatar Kyoshi, The twins would like to meet you a week from today. Till then would you like a tour of the Fire Nation?" said Tala a Fire Nation servant later that day. They had just arrived at their hotel. It was a five-flame hotel with a built in bending practice room to top it of.

"Sure thing. But before that can we visit the Fire Lady's Spa? I hear it's the best spa in the Fire Nation," said Kyoshi

"As you wish, Avatar."

"Call me Kyoshi."

"Yes, Kyoshi."

Later that day at the spa, Kyoshi said, "Thank you for that, Tala. This place is very uh, interesting." Kyoshi had some trouble at the spa. Being an earthbender and having such a deep connection the earth through her feet, she had rough feet and it hurt like crazy when they were doing her feet.

"It was my pleasure, Kyoshi," said Tala.

"Tala!" shouted a young man.

"Yes, Vulmen?" responded Tala.

"Lee and Jee wish to see Kyoshi tomorrow," said Vulmen.

"Okay, but first let us take Kyoshi to meet Feng."

"Who's Feng?" asked Kyoshi.

"You will see, you will see..." said Tala.

An hour later they arrived at the Fire Nation Zoo. There Zalu, the zookeeper took Kyoshi to meet Feng.

"Feng is a shirshu. All Avatars have an animal companion and Feng will be yours. Shirshus are blind and therefore use their highly evolved sense of smell. If you give them a scent in the world they can take you to the origin of the smell. There are special scent cards that help you go to any place in the world.

"Okay, Zalu. Thank you," said Kyoshi with a bit of unsureness.

"Ah, good morning Tala," said Kyoshi when she woke up.

"Good morning Kyoshi. Did you have a good night sleep?" said Tala

"Why yes. Isn't today the day we meet Lee and Jee?"

"Yes today is the day."

"Then what are we waiting for. Let's go!"

Later that day they arrived at the Sun Warriors temple. Lee and Jee were special firebending teachers because they let the dragons Ran and Shaw teach people firebending.

"Hello Avatar Kyoshi," said Lee

"Welcome to our humble residence," said Jee.

"We are truly honored by this opportunity."

"Only every hundred years or so does somebody get to teach the Avatar firebending"

"But who ever does is very lucky."

"And this year."

"Your teachers are."

"Us," said Lee and Jee together.

"Now come, let us start your training," said Lee.

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Tension, Deaths, and Fire - OH MY!
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