By Gingalover Part of the Avatar: New Universe continuity.
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Small pin (used like sword)


Weed, Delath, Spinna

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Arriety is a teenaged girl whom lives in an abandoned cabin. She's a type of Barrower, a human race who takes things humans won't miss much. During one of her trips while a human lived here, she got her hands on a knitting pin, which she now uses for protection. She is very friendly and knows a lot with healing, and uses that knowledge to wrap Weed's leg up and help heal Delath from a deep cold.

Her childhood wasn't very much known except when she meets another, more native and athletic barrower named Spinna. She offered him a place to stay after his two-day rest but Spinna leaves anyway, leaving her alone unless some animals come in. She likes to look out onto the flower beds and gardens from the roof, and Weed manages to see her up there. She truly appears later on when she gave Weed some food and introduces herself and pretty much her race.

Before Weed can leave he went to tell Arriety goodbye first. She understands his early departure and saids he won't stop him when he goes. When they got the flier, it was Arriety whom pointed out what the prize was this year, and she and Delath were told that they gotta get Weed in.

Arriety appears later on on Weed's back when they got to the Championship. She didn't say much as Weed and Kyoushiro were introducing their new friends.

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