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Around the World (Again)
Their new adventure might just tear them apart...
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February 2, 2011 - December 30, 2011




Avatar: The Last Airbender


The Legend of Korra


Emerging and Eliminating

Plot Edit

An era of war and destruction has ended and since then, the gang has lived together peacefully in their old house located in Ba Sing Se. Both Katara and Sokka are longing to revisit the South Pole. Toph wants to see her parents, and Suki wants to revisit her old home, Kyoshi Island. And so, after a year of living in Ba Sing Se, they decided to do just that. Little did they know of an old villain seeking revenge against them.

Characters Edit

Note: I will be creating character pages for these characters with the exception of Momo, Appa, Azula, and Ozai. They don't have a big enough role in the story to get their own pages.

Aang - Now a thirteen-year-old, Avatar Aang has had a lot of new adventures since the war ended.

Katara - Katara still remains a great bender. However, having a year pass without Waterbending much, Katara may need to train up again.

Sokka - Sokka has found his boomerang and space sword on the Earth Kingdom grounds. He is now a better swordsman than Zuko and Piando. His relationship with Suki is still growing strong.

Toph - An even better Earthbender than before, Toph has invented some new Earthbending moves and hopes to teach them to other students someday. But when Toph receives a letter from her parents, she must decide between her family or her only friends.

Zuko - Fire Lord Zuko has become the greatest Firebender in the world. He is still traveling with his best friends and girlfriend.

Suki - Once the leader of the Kyoshi Warriors, Suki has given that post to Ty Lee. She has decided to stay with her boyfriend, Sokka and her friends.

Mai - Ever since Mai has become part of Team Avatar, she has traveled with them and became best friends with them. Mai hasn't seen her friend, Ty Lee in over a year and she is anxious to see her again.

Appa - Still the same lovable pet as before, Appa has stayed in Ba Sing Se with the gang. They even got him a little house of his own next to theirs, which Appa shares with Momo. He is happy to take the gang to where ever they want to go.

Momo - Momo shares his house in Ba Sing Se with Appa. He loves to fly next to Appa and helps the gang at any costs.

Long Feng - After his escape from prison, Long Feng decided to go after the Avatar and his friends to get revenge.

Hama - Recruited by Long Feng, Hama is out to destroy the gang that got her imprisoned again.

Chapters Edit

  1. On Ember Island, Part 1: The Tournament - The gang participate in a tournament on Ember Island.
  2. On Ember Island, Part 2: The Theater - The gang goes to the theater after wining the tournament.
  3. Travel to the Temple - The gang set off on Appa to The Western Air Temple.
  4. To the Boiling Rock- The gang go to the Boiling Rock to pick up Mai, but they find a new problem.
  5. Aang's School - Aang visits his old school and his old friends, but will they accept that he was the Avatar all along?
  6. Two Journeys - Sokka visits his old master with Suki. Meanwhile, Katara and the others go to the old village that Katara once helped.
  7. Within Ba Sing Se, Part 1 - The gang arrive in Ba Sing Se and they find out that something is wrong there.
  8. Within Ba Sing Se, Part 2 - An old villain finally steps out of the shadows and puts their plan into action.
  9. Toph's Decision: Friends or Family? - Toph finally confronts her parents, but what will her answer be? Will she stay with the gang or go home?
  10. What To Do Next? - The gang arrive at the Northern Water Tribe to make plans to stop the war. They visit the Spirit Oasis and get brought into the Spirit World by an evil spirit.
  11. Zuko's Adventure, Part 1 - Zuko relives his adventure from Ba Sing Se to The Northern Water Tribe when he tells it to the gang.
  12. Zuko's Adventure, Part 2 - Zuko searches the Pa Hing Village for his mother. But will he find her? Zuko also has to find a way back to the gang.
  13. A Change in the Plan - The gang goes to the Northern Air Temple, where they want The Mechanist's help in stopping Long Feng from starting a war.
  14. Treetop Training - The gang, seeking help from the Freedom Fighters, visit the Treetop Hideout.
  15. One Step Closer - The gang visits Omashu to further their training.
  16. Another Decision - The gang stops on Kyoshi Island, where Suki faces the same problem Toph did: The choice of friends or family.
  17. The Last Hope, Part 1 - Aang visits his old home and finds a surprise waiting for him. Later, the gang reaches their final destination.
  18. The Last Hope, Part 2 - The battle has arrived. Team Avatar vs Long Feng and his followers. Who will live? Who will die? Will the team win? Or will they suffer a great loss?

New/Updates Edit

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Reception Edit

"This is, hands down, my favorite fanon on the site. To tell you guys the truth, when I first came to Avatar Wikia, I started reading this fanon, whose first chapter had just been released (back when the chapter was known as The Ember Island Theater's Movie Night). This prompted me to make an account. Thank you, Aang, for making my day with your beautiful writing!"

I did not modify any of this. I added the colors (blue, orange, red, and green) to make the page colorful. Thanks to all the fans.

Production Edit

When I first joined the wiki, I didn't like the idea of fanon. However, after reading the fanon, In Azula's Mind, I thought that writing a fanon would be cool.

This fanon originally started out as a one-shot fanon. The first (and at the time, the only) chapter was the Ember Island Theater's Movie Night. I didn't put much thought into the chapter and just created the chapter's storyline as I wrote. I've always like Kataang and never really thought of Zutura, but, for the chapter, I decided to try something different. I paired Aang with Toph (Taang) and Katara with Zuko (Zutara). I ended the chapter on a cliffhanger and decided to continue the story with those shippings. Up until Zuko's Adventure, Part 1, I went along with that story, but I found myself drifting away from the Zutara and Taang romance. I realized that I wasn't developing the romance and that I didn't want to make the focus of my fanon to be shipping. So, after much consideration and feedback from other users, I decided to re-write the first three chapters (and additionally, adding a prologue). I released all four chapters on April 23, 2011.

After that, everything went pretty smoothly and I continued writing my fanon and finished it with the Epilogue on my fourteenth birthday, December 30. 2011; it was somewhat of birthday gift to myself and I wanted to start the new year with a new fanon.

I'm so glad that I was able to finish my fanon and as a bonus point, that my writing improved. My least favorite chapters are "Aang's School" and "Two Journeys," mainly due to the terrible writing in them. And my favorite chapter is "The Last Hope, Part 2." I usually always think to myself, I could've done that better, but with this chapter, I'm actually very proud of it.

More coming soon....

Author's Note Edit

Thank you to all my readers! Thanks for commenting.

I enjoy comments even those that criticize my work (They help improve my writing!). If you see anything wrong or have a question, please comment.

I thank The Ultimate Waterbender, Skybender101, Renatabls, LoveHopeDream123 for being my editors and editing any grammar mistakes in my fanon's chapters. They also help me with title names, character names, town/places names, and ideas.

Finally, I want to give thanks to Renatabls for making me the chapter template below and Moon Beam for making me the character template. Thanks so much!

Thanks for reading,

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