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Aroma Gingiber
Biographical information

United Republic


Earth Kingdom

Birth place

Republic City (Dragon Flats)


Republic City (Dragon Flats)




140 AG, early spring

Physical description






Hair color

Dark red, slightly curly, usually in a "mop" around her ears, but with short bangs

Skin color


Skin type

Slightly freckled

Eye color


Personal information
Weapon of choice


Fighting style(s)

Eventually learns some hand to hand inspired by Chi Blocking and Northern Water Style

Bending style(s)



Knowledge of medicine, including chi paths, eventually learns chi blocking


Thiera Psyche, Euryale Rakshashi



Chronological and political information



Junior Healer (Book 0), Senior Healer (Book 0.5)


Dragon Flats Clinic (formerly), RCPD


Binah Psyche, Thiera Psyche, Dr. Avici (briefly)

First appearance

"An Unlikely Hero"


Aroma is the protagonist of Book 0: Void. As you might have guessed, the story is named for the "element" which Aroma has to master, which is nothing, because she doesn't have any bending, but that doesn't mean that she has nothing to learn about being a nonbender. Aroma was my first pick for the protagonist because I liked the challenge of writing a plot that a fantasy story would usually avoid, so what better than a female, non-combatant, lesbian nurse, someone "as ordinary as they come in a contest of freaks," as Maes Hughes put it in Fullmetal Alchemist?

Now, this is not Mulan, Aroma is not going to become a hardened super soldier, but you can expect to see some changes which highlight the ways she can be heroic without taking on 10 bad guys at once.

If you're wondering why the main page doesn't mention her sexual orientation, it's not because it's a secret, but because I believe that romance is subordinate to PlotxCharacter Development (anyone else remember when that "ship" was "in"?)

Anyway, I just wanted to have some kind of introduction so that I didn't jump straight into her background, but I feel like I've rambled more than enough by now.


Like many lower middle class nonbending families, Aroma's lived in the Dragon Flats, but she remained unaware of its seedier elements for most of her life, due to her parents' borderline overprotective behavior. She was driven to and from school or friends' houses, though she was encouraged to stay home as much as possible. Aroma had few friends anyway, and it seemed like people never ran out of reasons to pick on her—short, pale, red hair, skittish, the list goes on. Aroma spent much of her time inside and took up knitting, learning from her mother, a seamstress.

One day, in a bout of stereotypical fatherly advice, Mr. Gingiber told her that she could be or do anything she wanted, if she set her mind to it, something that Aroma eventually realized was because he felt responsible for her development into a lonely and insecure little girl. Nonetheless, he insisted he would prove it, saying that he would help her learn any skill that she picked out from one of her books. Fascinated by medical books and wanting to help people, Aroma chose Healing, and saw right away her father's doubt that she could do it. She would eventually learn that this was not because he doubted her personally, but because she was not a waterbender. That revelation did not help much, but her father's stubborn insistence on putting her through medical school did.

Aroma worked hard, helped by a loan from Mrs. Psyche, with the promise that she would eventually join the Dragon Flats Clinic, where she was mentored along with Thiera. Through the years, the 2 have become closer and closer as friends and, unbeknownst to Thiera, as Aroma's first romantic love.

Book 0

After the Purists attacked her, she moved in with Euryale. After the Dragon Flats Clinic was destroyed, Thiera would join them and the pair would go to work as resident Healers in the RCPD. Aroma was still a junior Healer, but was now getting a taste of authority thanks to the interns who act as assistants to her and Thiera.

Knowing the Purist Leader tried to abduct her for her Healing skills, Aroma came up with a plan to infiltrate their base and lead the RCPD to it. Here she gained insight into their Leader's motive, which would help her distract the crime boss during her raid on Police HQ, allowing her to be captured and preventing many deaths.


Aroma is a nonbender who often laments not being able to keep up with the waterbenders, particularly her friend Thiera. Timid, quiet, and overly polite in these modern times, Aroma is regarded as a bit of a doormat. But underneath this is a keen intellect and a strong desire to help people, traits of Aroma's that no one underestimates more than herself, racked as she is by insecurity. She is also a semi-closeted lesbian who has fallen head over heels for Thiera.


Aroma and Gingiber are Latin for "spice" and "ginger," respectively, referring to her red hair and sweet disposition. Aroma has a slight inchworm motif, due to being conceived of as an Arrancar for a Bleach RP.

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