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Northern Water Tribe

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Yue (daughter)


Water Tribe, Team Avatar


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Water Tribe chief

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"(A:TR) Ep.17: North Pole"

Chief Arnook, or Master Arnook as Katara and Sokka put it, is the current Northern Water Tribe chief. He is also the father of Princess Yue.


There isn't much in terms as far as personality goes. He is usually calm in nature and a good chief who has a strong bond with his family, especially with his daughter, Princess Yue.


Nothing is revealed on his back story all too much except for the incident when Yue was born. He was really worried for his daughter, her being stillborn, but the spirits had brought her back and he became very grateful. Since this, he had a great respect for the spirits for saving his only daughter from death.

Arnook's first appearance was soon after Team Avatar had arrived to the North Pole, being informed about the news by his guards. He and his daughter went out to greet them, finding out that Sokka and Katara were there as well, having heard of them from their father. After the team explained a bit as to why they arrived at all, Arnook decided to take the conversation inside his palace, to which they agreed. While inside, he showed Aang Master Pakku, whom he said had surpassed him in terms of bending to become the waterbending teacher. After Pakku did his demonstration, Arnook told Aang to wait a bit, since Pakku was rather busy that day and should wait for tomorrow when he was more open. He also took the liberty of providing the team with sanctuary for their stay at the North Pole.


Chief Arnook is a rather good bender and once was the best of the Northern Water Tribe, until Master Pakku managed to surpass him for the title.

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