By Gingalover Part of the Book Six: Shadow continuity.
Biographical information
Birth place

Zorka's Observatory

Physical description

13 ft


10 tons

Skin color

Dull brown

Eye color

Cyan blue

Chronological and political information


First appearance

Ep.14: The Observatory

Armophlli is one of the Voronon that had survived until the present day. Its appearance resembles that of an Armadillo.


Armophlli was created many years ago by the Shadow Nation. While made to protect the nation, Armophlli was treated much like a normal creature during its time, being made in Zorka's Observatory. When the Shadow Nation was being wiped out, Armophlli was put in suspended animation to protect it but was reactivated soon after the Shadow Nation was wiped out.

It grew up alone, taking care of the endangered Sky Cow, until Kuvira, Asami, Kai, and Jinora arrived. When they did, Armophlli confronted them and was about to attack Kai and Jinora when Kuvira and Asami convinced it that the two weren't a threat to it or themselves. After that, it warmed up to them but made it clear that it didn't want the others to come. After that, it roamed around the observatory, guiding the others along through the area. Eventually, it brought them to a large tree within the area and waited there until after Kuvira and Asami had their vision again. Afterwards, it saw the herd of Sky Cow returning to the area and moved some calves aside that were crowding the group. It went off with the calves, carrying one on its back, until it got to the shore. When it was time for the group to return, Armophlli gave Asami and Kuvira a ride back towards the entrance before it returned to the observatory.


  • Armophlli is the only Voronon left alive.
  • It is also the only one who has interacted with other species, as shown when it played with the Sky Cow calves.

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