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Armed Forces of the Fire Nation
General information

Fire Lord Hokui

Notable members
  • Fire Nation Naval and Air Corps
  • Fire Nation Expeditionary Forces

Fire Nation Capital


Fire Nation


To serve the Fire Lord and, by extension, the Fire Nation.

The Armed Forces of the Fire Nation is the standing Armed Forces of the Fire Nation. Before the War, the Army was known to be the strongest nation on the world. However, what started as a small disarmenent became large and more than 3/4 of the army was gone. This then caused a great depression in the Economy in the Fire Nation. It took them years, to recover.

Expeditionary Forces

The Fire Nation Expeditionary Forces are the replacement of the Army of the Fire Nation. They currently have around 10-15,000 soldiers in their service. Due to the lack of conflict, they remain mostly as a domestic police force. However, corruption soon began to rise, and the trust of the Forces are in question.[1]

Fire Nation Naval and Air Corps

The Fire Nation Naval and Air Corps became the replacement of the Fire Nation Navy and Air Forces. They employ 200 ships, 25 armed Air Ships, and 20,000 serviceman. They are led by a firm Admiral Council, and are generally more trusted than their land counterpart. However, that has not stopped them from being corrupted.


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