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Chief Hakoda
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Southern Water Tribe

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Jian, Kukri


Uluk, Water Tribes, Omashu, Tala, Air Nomads, Order of the White Lotus


The Snowbold, Rishu, Ba Sing Se Regulars, Earth Kingdom, Fire Nation, Ralyn

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Chief of Southern Water Tribe


Southern Water Tribe

Chief Arkoda is the Chief of the Southern Water Tribe as well as commander of the Wolf Warriors. As a descendant of Sokka, he inherited the recovered 'Space Sword' and has a deft hand in science.


Arkoda was raised in the Southern Water Tribe as a warrior and a scholar. Arkoda proved himself a great leader and became Chief of the entire tribe after his predecessor, Suruk, stepped down, as a condition for no punishment to his grandson for his scarring fight with another boy.

Arkoda has led the people well and spread the art of swordsmanship to his wolf-warriors, using the relentless terrain to further solidify their skills.

Arkoda was a huge proponent of trade and friendship with Republic City, as his ancestor had once led the council there. The Southern Water Tribe experienced great prosperity under his leadership. But he saw the signs that things abroad were unsteady.

The Fire Nation and the Earth Kingdom went to war with Republic City in the late summer of 319 AG. Arkoda's family had tracked the skies since Sokka and knew another eclipse would occur in the winter. Arkoda led a vanguard of his men to reach any allies they could to spread the word for a continent-wide counterattack.

Arkoda broke through the blockade, but was tracked relentlessly through the Southlands by Prince Kuir of the Earth Kingdom. Arkoda got the upper hand when Kuir ambushed a party of defenders near Omashu that included the Avatar. Tala had already been subdued by Kuir. Arkoda's warriors turned the tide, forcing Kuir to leave behind his prize.

Arkoda informed the council in Omashu of the eclipse coming this winter. The White Lotus was able to spread word throughout the continent. When the time came, Arkoda led a raiding party during the Day of Black Sun that was meant to hijack one of the Fire Nation's ships.

His group was opposed by two swordsmen; a young warrior, Liam, and an armored fighter. Arkoda fought the armored warrior as his lieutenant, Uluk fought Liam. The two proved lethal, cutting down much of the hijackers.

Arkoda was at first losing to the skill of the armored warrior until he went on the attack. His men were able to take the airship while Uluk and some men cornered Liam.

Just as it seemed that the two were beaten, the armored warrior generated lightning, blasting Arkoda back. The lightning backfired as it was still during the eclipse. This gave enough time for Uluk to push the subdued Arkoda away from the second blast.

Soon the armored warrior used the returning power of the sun to repel everything thrown at him. His identity was revealed, when he used white flames, as the Black Dragon.

The two swordsmen fled the ship by parachute or flight. Arkoda blamed himself for failing to capture the Black Dragon when he was powerless.

Soon after the eclipse ended and the siege returned to normal, the reinforcements of the Southern Water Tribe and White Lotus broke through the siege aid Omashu.


Arkoda is a master swordsman and fighter. He has used the Jian known as the 'Space Sword'. When it is too large for the area, he has a Kukri knife that he is very skilled with. Arkoda is recognized as the greatest swordsman in the world, a claim that Liam of the Fire Nation intends to challenge. 

Arkoda is also a natural with science, having been raised to it since childhood. He has a definitive understanding of celestial events and their effects. He also was able to calculate the length of the eclipse.


Sokka's sword

Sokka's lost 'Space Sword' was reclaimed by his descendants and is now Arkoda's.

  • Arkoda is a master swordsmen and is considered the best in the world. A claim challenged by the young, aspiring Liam of the Fire Nation.
  • Arkoda's best friend and lieutenant, Uluk, is the son of the previous Tribal Chief.
  • Sokka's descendants at one time went to Wulong Forest and recovered his special meteorite sword. It has become an heirloom since.
  • Arkoda is said to look just like his ancestor, Hakoda.
  • Arkoda's name is a mix of Arnook and Hakoda; the chiefs during Avatar: The Last Airbender.

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