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By AirMasterParker Part of the Hikar's Spiritual Chronicles continuity.
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Warning! This page contains spoilers for Hikar's Spiritual Chronicles.

Aria Sato profile
アリア 自ゆま 佐藤
Aria Sato
Biographical information

Aria Jiyuma Sato (birthname)
The Red Airbender


United Republic of Nations, Air Nation


Water Tribe, Fire Nation

Birth place

Republic City


Republic City (until 253 AG)
Eastern Air Temple (253-257 AG)


4 in New Cycle
17-18 in Book One: Metal
18 in Book Two: Lightning


June 27th 239 AG


Monk Xiang (as the fusion with the Arashi spirit)

Physical description





1,69 m


53 kg

Hair color

Light brown

Skin color


Eye color

Sky blue

Personal information
Weapon of choice

Air, Arashi

Bending style(s)

Airbending (Red Lotus' Predictable Bending Style), Soundbending, Flight


Curse Mode

Love interest(s)

Denryoku (love interest)


Red Lotus (disbanded), Zhasha (formerly), Yurei (formerly), Zeick & Deyek Sato, Team Avatar, Raava


Hikar Firestone (formerly), Order of the White Lotus (disbanded), Kensi (formerly), Bultina Silverfox (formerly), Shaila (formerly), Tao Tenba (formerly), Iruka Sato (formerly), Sterkur Firestone (formerly), Chunua

Chronological and political information

Red Lotus Soldier (formerly)
Defender of Humanity


High Class Soldier of the Red Lotus (formerly)
Current Arashi Spirit Fusion


Red Lotus (disbanded)
Spirit Pacifists
Team Avatar


Yurei (father and airbending instructor)

First appearance

"New Cycle, Part 1"

Voiced by

Laura Bailey

Aria Jiyuma Sato is an airbending master and enemy of the Avatar in the beginning alongside her father and her young brothers, Zeick and Deyek. She always does the best in helping her father's cause for the world through the Red Lotus.

Physical appearance

Aria is a petite young woman, of small bust, medium stature, and athletic build. Her measures are B71(B)-W68-H72, in cm. She's described to be a very agile airbender, and flexible. She has a pale skin and brown slick hair, gotten from her mother's Fire Nation ethnic, plus intense sky blue eyes, inherited from her father's Water Tribe ethnic.

Aria Reference Color

Official full appearance of Aria Sato (click full resolution)

As and airbending master she obtained her tattoos, like always, but her tattoos were particularly red, in the beginning thouhgt of her affiliation with the Red Lotus, but later revealed it was because of the Arashi spirit she fused with. Her normal attire consists of an orange t-shirt, gray pants, and sandals; whenerver she goes undercover she goes with a large dark gray hood.


She's a very intelligent girl, but yet she's not very stuck to the old traditional Air Nomad culture; in fact, she gets to be reckless, and tends to get crazy for power just to overpower the Avatar himself. She always takes the initiative over her brothers and likes to show off her powers a little bit, always with a reason to protect her brothers, or to prove her strong. She grew up to be a very complex girl whose motivations were narrowed down to get just her father's approval.



She's an airbender master and knows a lot of techniques and advanced skills thanks by the fact she was raised by an airbending master. She's trying hard to unlock both the flight ability and spiritual projection. As her signature technique, she can create an air disc around her or between her hands and throw it to her opponents.

Given she was taught airbending by her father, and the Red Lotus itself, she was instructed an alternative, yet very effective style of bending, known as the Red Lotus' Predictable Bending Style.


Like her father, she can enter the Spirit World by meditating, and there she can get to anywhere by just thinking about it. She can talk to Spirits peacefully, no matter the alliance they have, at least in most of the cases.

Curse Mode

Main article: Arashi

Someday around the year of 253 AG, during the Red Planet Convergence, Aria became the center of a ceremony in which she fused with the Arashi Spirit, from which she unlocked and inhuman Airbending boost power from which she can even face the Avatar itself.

Curse vs Avatar

Aria used Curse Mode against Hikar, while he was in the Avatar State.

The curse mode manifests my her signature Red Airbender Tattoos, from with the Arashi is manifested. When activated, these arrows extended through her body, giving the same amount of boost proportional to the amount of arrows. When in full Curse Mode, her irises turn red, and if part of her body is completely covered in arrows, making thus the skin red, it can make Aria levitate, but with the terrible and painful prize of losing the skin in that part of the body, as shown in "Rise of the Red".



  • Hikar Firestone: In the beginning they were enemies, alongside her brothers Zeick and Deyek. They had a tight, rival relationship after finding out hey were both spiritual fusions. After she turned against her father, he saw in her Korra's Avatar wisdom and pardoned her, letting her join Team Avatar.
  • Kensi: They didn't get to share much time together, but she generally found him annoying.
  • Bultina Silverfox: Both admired their strong will in each other, however, they were still enemies and, though they didn't got a chance, they would have liked to have fought each other.
  • Shaila: They didn't like each other, but after she turned against her father, she considered her brave and independent.


  • Yurei: As his father, given she's an airbender, she has always been his favourite, and she considers she has even a bigger potential than he has. Until his defeat, she was his most loyal soldier. As instructor, he taught her airbending really hard to make her the most powerful in his alignments.
  • Amala Sato: As her mother, she has always been kind to her as she was with her brothers. After giving Aria her tattoos and seeing they were red instead of the traditional blue and realizing what was really happening, Amala divorced Yurei, with the latter ending up getting the custody of the children. Aria never saw her mother again.
  • Zeick & Deyek Sato: She has always treated them "badly but with love" as Zeick says. However, they still share a good relationship since they were little. They showed concern even after she went missing after the Red Lotus' defeat.
  • Zhasha: She doesn't spend too much time with her, but as her aunt, she loves how she treats her young brother well and talks about his waterbending.




Hikar's Spiritual Chronicles

Book One: Metal (金)

Book Two: Lightning (電)


  • She was conceived like an evil take of Jinora's, in the airbending fighting style and her ability to connect to the Spirit World. However, this slightly changed as the story progressed, making her a less spiritual and more violent person unlike other airbenders.
  • Her Second name, Jiyuma, means selfishness, with indicates a bit her personality.
  • Her measures are B71-W68-H72.
    • She has the smallest known bust size, with a B cup.
  • Her tattoos are unique given their red color, given her fusion with the Arashi spirit.
    • In the beginning it was just going to be because of her past with the Red Lotus and her father. But, on the way, the author came up with the Curse Mode Idea.
  • The author has stated multiple times that, other than Kensi, she's his second favourite character to write, given her character development and the complexity of her personality.
  • She's one of the four known benders to base their bending in the Red Lotus' Predictable Bending Style.
    • She's the only known female to do so.
    • She's known o be the first to be taught it, as stated by her father.
  • In the beginning, it was though for her to be the primary rival to Bultina. However, things changed in the course of the story and that Book One girl rivalry never got to happen.
Preceded by
Monk Xiang
Arashi spirit fusion
253 AG - present
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