By Ganto Part of the Ganto-Airbender From Northern Air Temple continuity.
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Aria Fang
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Earth Kingdom

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Ba Sing Se



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Unnamed Mother, General Fang.


Ganto, Taru, General Fang, Teo


Lieutenant, Equalists

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Earth Kingdom


Unnamed Mother

First appearance

Love at first sight


Aria was born in Ba Sing Se. Her mother was a waterbender while Father Earthbender. Her mother died when Aria was just 5 years old. That was the most hardest time in her life. Her family lived in upper ring, they were very rich. Aria always got what she wanted, she always had father by her side after mothers death and he didn't want anything to happen to her. Later, when Aria was 17 her family moves to Ba Sing Se, but... They don't even know what kind of tragedy is about to come, the magical palace of R. M.S Taihano, will turn into a nightmare.


General Fang: Her father is always by her side when she needs help, he really cares about Aria. They have strong family relationship.

Taru: Taru is Aria's little brother, he usually annoys her wich drives Aria crazy, but they're still good friends and also have strong family relationship.

Ganto: She has a crush on him, she don't show it yet. She didn't even know that Ganto had crush on her as well. Now their together and they truly love each other, but Taru are still teasing them, wich really annoys Ganto and Aria.

Lieutenant and the Equalists:Aria have never felt more scared than the time when she met the Equalists, well no wonder why. They were on sinking ship at that time and Equalists tried to kill them. Luckily Teo saved them from the accident, but still...A horrible nightmare was just upahead for them and ready to raise...Everything will turn into a fight for life and death.


She's really good at waterbending, although she can't be considered as waterbending master yet. Shes training hard and tries to become better waterbender each day.


She's really calm, sweet and caring. She protects the people she loves, of course is she can handle her opponent. She loves to travel, since she has spend most of her life in Ba Sing Se.


  • General Fang (father)
  • Taru (younger brotrher)
  • Unnamed Mother

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